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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06-23A Process Evaluation Protocol for Examining the Impact of Instructions for Correct Use of Child Car Seats Designed through a Consumer-Driven Process and Evaluated in a Field-Based Randomised Controlled Trial.Brown, J; Elkington, J; Hunter, K; Charlton, JL; Bilston, LE; Hayen, A; Keay, L
2017-06-01Addressing the barriers to driver licensing for Aboriginal people in New South Wales and South AustraliaClapham, K; Hunter, K; Cullen, P; Helps, Y; Senserrick, T; Byrne, J; Harrison, JE; Ivers, RQ
2018-11-01Barriers to correct child restraint use: A qualitative study of child restraint users and their needsHall, A; Ho, C; Keay, L; McCaffery, K; Hunter, K; Charlton, JL; Hayen, A; Bilston, L; Brown, J
2019-06-01Can child restraint product information developed using consumer testing sustain correct use 6 months after child restraint purchase? Study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trialBrown, J; Elkington, J; Hall, A; Keay, L; Charlton, JL; Hunter, K; Koppel, S; Hayen, A; Bilston, LE
2019Embedding language across the university and through the curriculum: implementing the EEL projectGoldsmith, R; Edwards, E; Griffiths, N; Havery, C; Hunter, K; Nixon, D; Yeo, J
2019Emerging findings from the UTS Embedding English Language ProjectEdwards, E; Goldsmith, R; Griffiths, N; Havery, C; Hunter, K; Nixon, D; Yeo, J
2018-06-14Factors that impact access to ongoing health care for First Nation children with a chronic conditionCoombes, J; Hunter, K; Mackean, T; Holland, AJA; Sullivan, E; Ivers, R
2016-08-01Implementation of a driver licensing support program in three Aboriginal communities: A brief report from a pilot programCullen, P; Clapham, K; Byrne, J; Hunter, K; Rogers, K; Senserrick, T; Keay, L; Ivers, R
2013-11-01Making disciplinary writing and thinking practices an integral part of academic content teachingHunter, K; Tse, H
2001-01The Potential Role for District Energy Systems in Greenhouse Abatement Strategies in AustraliaBest, RA; Kelly, J; Hunter, K
2017-03-01‘The program was the solution to the problem’: Process evaluation of a multi-site driver licensing program in remote communitiesCullen, P; Chevalier, A; Hunter, K; Gadsden, T; Ivers, R
2011-01-01Reducing variation in the assessment of student writingHunter, K; Docherty, P
2013Student perceptions of embedded writing programs taught by disciplinary academicsHunter, K; Tse, H; Alison Brown
2001-01Theorectical issues of Industrial Structure Applied to the Building and Construction IndustryDe Valence, G; Kelly, J; Hunter, K
2020-10User-driven design of child restraint information to reduce errors in use: a pilot randomised controlled trial.Hall, AB; Ho, C; Albanese, B; Keay, L; Hunter, K; Charlton, J; Hayen, A; Bilston, LE; Brown, J
2018-02Whole of institution academic language and learning practice: Systemic implicationsHoadley, S; Hunter, K