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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01-01Assessment of microzooplankton grazing on Heterosigma akashiwo using a species- specific approach combining quantitative real-time PCR (QPCR) and dilution methodsDemir, E; Coyne, KJ; Doblin, MA; Handy, SM; Hutchins, DA
2005-09-06Evaluating vertical migration behavior of harmful raphidophytes in the Delaware Inland Bays utilizing quantitative real-time PCRHandy, SM; Coyne, KJ; Portune, KJ; Demir, E; Doblin, MA; Hare, CE; Cary, SC; Hutchins, DA
2005-09-01Improved quantitative real-time PCR assays for enumeration of harmful algal species in field samples using an exogenous DNA reference standardCoyne, KJ; Handy, SM; Demir, E; Whereat, EB; Hutchins, DA; Portune, KJ; Doblin, MA; Cary Craig, S
2010-01-01Iron biogeochemistry across marine systems - progress from the past decadeBreitbarth, E; Achterberg, EP; Ardelan, MV; Baker, AR; Bucciarelli, E; Chever, F; Croot, PL; Duggen, S; Gledhill, M; Hassellöv, M; Hassler, C; Hoffmann, LJ; Hunter, KA; Hutchins, DA; Ingri, J; Jickells, T; Lohan, MC; Nielsdóttir, MC; Sarthou, G; Schoemann, V; Trapp, JM; Turner, DR; Ye, Y
2022-10Temperature variability interacts with mean temperature to influence the predictability of microbial phenotypes.Fu, F-X; Tschitschko, B; Hutchins, DA; Larsson, ME; Baker, KG; McInnes, A; Kahlke, T; Verma, A; Murray, SA; Doblin, MA
2004-11-01Transport of the harmful bloom alga Aureococcus anophagefferens by oceangoing ships and coastal boatsDoblin, MA; Popels, LC; Coyne, KJ; Hutchins, DA; Cary, SC; Dobbs, FC