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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01Analysis of single-sided ventilated room with different location of windows opening using CFDIdris, A; Huynh, P; Blanco, JM; Guedes, JM; al, E
2004-01Characterising Roof VentilatorsRevel, A; Huynh, P; Behnia, M; Lin, W; McBain, G
2002Coat Thickness in Wire-coating process with corrugated dieHuynh, P; NA
2012-01Computational Study of Single-Sided Ventilation Flow through a 3-Dimensional RoomIdris, A; Huynh, P; Pradeep Lall
2011-01Effects of Guide Vanes in Transition Flow from a Round Pipe to a Rectangular ChamberLin, D; Huynh, P; Engineers, ASOM
2011-01Effects of Number of Stator Blades on the Performance of a Torque ConverterAhmed Talukder, S; Huynh, P; Engineers, ASOM
2020Energy-efficient dual-hop IoT communications network with delay-outage constraintsPhan, TK; Huynh, P; Nguyen, D; Ngo, D; Hong, Y; Le-Ngoc, T
2016-01-01Estimation of the total fatigue life of metallic structuresAbdo, P; Fardoun, F; Huynh, P
2010-01An experimental investigation of pressure loss in canvas fire hoseDoull, A; Huynh, P; Mallinson, GD; Cater, JE
2011-01Flow About an Oscillating Plate Used to Extract Sea-Wave EnergyMahmood, F; Huynh, P; Engineers, ASOM
2006-01Free Convection Cooling of a Horizontol Cylinder Positioned Above a PlaneHuynh, P; Davis, GDV; Leonardi, E; Committee, MOTIS
2009-01Free-Convection Flow Through a Two-Dimensional Box With Openings on Opposite WallsHuynh, P; Mohamad, AA
2009-01Heat Loss and Evaporation Rate from an Agitated Water TankAlonso Martin, H; Revel, A; Huynh, P; Szmyd, JS; Spalek, J; Kowalewski, TA
2004-01Influence of location, number and shape of corrugations in slider bearingsHuynh, P; Loe, S
2001-01Influence of temperature boundary conditions in the wire-coated processHuynh, P; Dally, B
2014-01-01An investigation on the effects of chamber wall's elasticity on blood flow in a LVAD pumpChan, ENK; Huynh, P; Nguyen, TT
2010-01Natural ventilation induced by solar chimneysHuynh, P; Mallinson, GD; Cater, JE
2008-01Numerical Investigation of Effects of Two-Dimensional Thermal Plumes on Cross-FlowHuynh, P; Valentine, E
2010-01A numerical study of non-isothermal peristaltic flow of power-law fluids in a circular tubeYun, M; Huynh, P; Lall, P; Chen, J