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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-02A pragmatic strength and conditioning intervention for firefighters: Feasibility of the Tactical Athlete Resilience Program (TARP).Sharp, P; Caperchione, CM; Brown, GA; Stadnyk, A; Marin, E; Hulin, B; Wade, J; Mott, B; Gabriel, M; Impellizzeri, F; Fullagar, HHK
2021-07-31An evidence-based health evaluation of the FRNSW Tactical Athlete Resilience ProgramFullagar, H; Brown, G; Marin, E; Sharp, P; Stadnyk, A; Impellizzeri, F; Coutts, A; Caperchione, C
2022-01-01Applied Physics to Understand Resistance TrainingPozzo, M; Impellizzeri, F
2014-11-01Bengt Saltin - A role model for more than a generation of scientistsFoster, C; Seiler, S; Coutts, A; Halson, S; Impellizzeri, F; Koning, JD; Leithäuser, RM; McGuigan, M; Mujika, I; Pyne, D; Beneke, R
2022-02-14Can we evidence-base injury prevention and management in women's football? A scoping review.Okholm Kryger, K; Wang, A; Mehta, R; Impellizzeri, F; Massey, A; Harrison, M; Glendinning, R; McCall, A
2021-11-01Leveraging physical activity to engage men in mental health promotion: Informing future directions for lifestyle interventionsBottorff, J; Caperchione, C; Impellizzeri, F; Oliffe, J; Rice, S; Schulenkorf, N; Sharp, P
2019-10Overtraining in Resistance Exercise: A Systematic Review and Methodological Appraisal of the LiteratureGrandou, C; Wallace, L; Allen, N; Impellizzeri, F; Coutts, A
2022-01-21“People say men don’t talk, well that’s bullshit”: A focus group study exploring challenges and opportunities for men’s mental health promotionSharp, P; Bottorff, JL; Rice, S; Oliffe, JL; Schulenkorf, N; Impellizzeri, F; Caperchione, CM
2021-11-01Perceptions of performance determinants and evidence-based practice in track cycling: a survey of coaches, athletes, and practitionersStadnyk, A; Impellizzeri, F; Stanley, J; Menaspà, P; Slattery, K
2017-01-02Science and medicine in football has launchedMeyer, T; Impellizzeri, F
2016-09Simultaneous versus staged bilateral direct anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty: Are early patient-centered outcomes equivalent?Kamath, AF; Monteiro, EL; Spranger, A; Impellizzeri, F; Leunig, M