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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2015Aged care residents in the emergency department: the experiences of relatives.Morphet, J; Decker, K; Crawford, K; Innes, K; Williams, AF; Griffiths, D
Aug-2017Effectiveness of paracetamol versus ibuprofen administration in febrile children: A systematic literature review.Narayan, K; Cooper, S; Morphet, J; Innes, K
Feb-2017Emergency department waiting room nurse role: A key informant perspective.Innes, K; Jackson, D; Plummer, V; Elliott, D
Apr-2018Emergency department waiting room nurses in practice: An observational study.Innes, K; Elliott, D; Plummer, V; Jackson, D
Mar-2018Health professional perspectives of patient safety issues in intensive care units in Saudi Arabia.Al Malki, A; Endacott, R; Innes, K
Aug-2012Managing people with mental health presentations in emergency departments--a service exploration of the issues surrounding responsiveness from a mental health care consumer and carer perspective.Morphet, J; Innes, K; Munro, I; O'Brien, A; Gaskin, CJ; Reed, F; Kudinoff, T
Aug-2015Perceptions of knowledge of disaster management among military and civilian nurses in Saudi Arabia.Al Thobaity, A; Plummer, V; Innes, K; Copnell, B
Oct-2015Resident transfers from aged care facilities to emergency departments: can they be avoided?Morphet, J; Innes, K; Griffiths, DL; Crawford, K; Williams, A
Mar-2016Transdisciplinary care in the emergency department: A qualitative analysis.Innes, K; Crawford, K; Jones, T; Blight, R; Trenham, C; Williams, A; Griffiths, D; Morphet, J
Jan-2016Using transprofessional care in the emergency department to reduce patient admissions: A retrospective audit of medical histories.Morphet, J; Griffiths, DL; Crawford, K; Williams, A; Jones, T; Berry, B; Innes, K