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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01Assisting learners to dynamically adjust learning processes by software agentsPan, W; Isaias, P; Kommers, P; McPherson, M
2009-01Designing Collaborative Infrastructures for BusinessHawryszkiewycz, IT; Isaias, P; White, B; Nunes, MB
2002-01Dynamic Information Visualization in B2C e-CommerceHuang, M; Doyle, BJ; Isaias, P
2005-01Everything I learned from the SIMS(TM): putting games in contextPisan, Y; Isaias, P; Nunes, MB
2006-01Facilitating collaboration among students in e-learning by software agentsPan, W; Hawryszkiewycz, IT; Xue, D; Isaias, P; McPherson, M; Bannister, F
2006-01A framework towards understanding influences on the typographic quality of textBachfischer, G; Robertson, TJ; Bachfischer, A; Isaias, P; Mcpherson, M; Banniski, F
2005-01Implicit training of virtual shopping assistants in 3D electronic institutionsBogdanovych, A; Simoff, SJ; Sierra, C; Berger, H; Karmakar, N; Isaias, P
2005-01Information presentation and design for multilingual global e-commerce sites - a cultural aspectKang, K; Underwood, J; Karmakar, N; Isaias, P
2006-01Informed agents for e market tradingDebenham, JK; Simoff, SJ; Isaias, P; McPherson, M; Bannister, F
2004-01Legal Remedies for Securing the Mobile EnterpriseLawrence, EM; Lawrence, J; Karmakar, N; Isaias, P
2006-01Measuring agility and adaptibility of agile methods: A 4 dimensional analytical toolGill, AQ; Henderson-Sellers, B; Guimaraes, N; Isaias, P; Goikoetxea, A
2004-01Mobile Aware Business Logic ContainerSteele, RJ; Lawrence, EM; Isaias, P; Karmakar, N
2005-01Multi-Follower Linear Bilevel Programming: Model and Kuhn-Tucker ApproachLu, J; Shi, C; Zhang, G; Ruan, D; Guimaraes, N; Isaias, P; Rodrignes, L; Barbosa, P
2005-01A Multi-perspective effectiveness evaluation methodology for Mgovernemt (MPW2M-MG)El-Kiki, TH; Lawrence, EM; Nitya, K; Isaias, P
2003-01Non-English Speaking Background Parents' Perceptions of the Internet - A Case Study in a Primary SchoolChandran, D; Isaias, P; Karmakar, N
2005-01On the acceptance of motes in mainstream health monitoringLubrin, E; Lawrence, EM; Bachfischer, A; Karmakar, N; Isaias, P
2006-01Online Teaching of large Groups in Information Technology: a survey of strategiesBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Culjak, G; Prior, JR; Isaias, P; McPherson, M; Bannister, F
2004-01Organisational Aspects of Transformation to e-Business: A Case StudySerour, MK; Henderson-Sellers, B; Isaias, P; Kommers, P; McPherson, M
2004-01Paradigm shift in e-culture in developing countries. A case studyChandran, D; Isaias, P; Kamarkar, N
2005-01Reshaping the framework for analysing success of mobile payment solutionsBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Karmakar, N; Isaias, P