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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-03-01Community Energy Collective Impact Assessment (Appendix C of the National Community Energy Strategy)Kirsch, C; Jackson, M; Langham, E; Ison, N
-Frailty score and outcomes of patients undergoing vascular surgery and amputation: A systematic review and meta-analysisChen, S; Dunn, R; Jackson, M; Morley, N; Sun, J
2016-09-01From principle to practice: Community consultation regarding access to indigenous language material in archival records at the state library of New South WalesNicholls, S; Booker, L; Thorpe, K; Jackson, M; Girault, C; Briggs, R; Jones, C
2015GreenPower Program Public Consultation PaperRiedy, CJ; Jackson, M; Berry, F; Harris, B; Matyus Flynn, S; Saintilan, C; Levine, D
2015-06-01GreenPower Program Review: Final ReportRiedy, CJ; Jackson, M; Berry, F; Downes, J; Harris, B; Matyus Flynn, S; Saintilan, C; Levine, D
2021-01-08Gut microbiota impact on the peripheral immune response in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease related hepatocellular carcinoma.Behary, J; Amorim, N; Jiang, X-T; Raposo, A; Gong, L; McGovern, E; Ibrahim, R; Chu, F; Stephens, C; Jebeili, H; Fragomeli, V; Koay, YC; Jackson, M; O'Sullivan, J; Weltman, M; McCaughan, G; El-Omar, E; Zekry, A
2010-02-01Health service accreditation as a predictor of clinical and organisational performance: A blinded, random, stratified studyBraithwaite, J; Greenfield, D; Westbrook, J; Pawsey, M; Westbrook, M; Gibberd, R; Naylor, J; Nathan, S; Robinson, M; Runciman, B; Jackson, M; Travaglia, J; Johnston, B; Yen, D; McDonald, H; Low, L; Redman, S; Johnson, B; Corbett, A; Hennessy, D; Clark, J; Lancaster, J
2003-01Nature for sale: the case for decommodifying interpretation and ecotourismWearing, SL; Archer, DJ; Jackson, M
2013-05-01Phosphorus flows through the Australian food system: Identifying intervention points as a roadmap to phosphorus securityCordell, D; Jackson, M; White, S
2021-03-04Pre-treatment and real-time image guidance for a fixed-beam radiotherapy system.Liu, PZY; Gardner, M; Heng, SM; Shieh, C-C; Nguyen, DT; Debrot, E; O'Brien, R; Downes, S; Jackson, M; Keall, PJ
2023-05Remote Indigenous Communities and Water Security: Rethinking how the Australian water industry delivers servicesLansbury, N; Agnew, C; Jackson, M; Abeysuriya, K; Mukheibir, P; Moggridge, B; Beal, CD
2019-03-01Research priorities for childhood chronic conditions: a workshop reportLopez-Vargas, P; Tong, A; Crowe, S; Alexander, SI; Caldwell, PHY; Campbell, DE; Couper, J; Davidson, A; De, S; Fitzgerald, DA; Haddad, S; Hill, S; Howell, M; Jaffe, A; James, LJ; Ju, A; Manera, KE; McKenzie, A; Morrow, AM; Odgers, HL; Pinkerton, R; Ralph, AF; Richmond, P; Shaw, PJ; Singh-Grewal, D; Van Zwieten, A; Wake, M; Craig, JC; Bowyer, A; Valerio, C; Kambi, C; Guha, C; Walker, C; Kambi, D; Elharris, F; Pagano, G; Stumbles, J; Gile, J; Wong, K; Black, K; Bowyer, M; Harris, M; Lin, P; Jones, P; McGann, P; Pagano, P; Elhassan, R; Cole, S; Fernance, Z; Brown, A; Blake, J; Keath, J; Chandler, J; Griffin, L; Harnett, L; Fernandez, ML; Jackson, M; Haskard, M; Burke, N; Gardos, R; Brophy, S; Bowers, A; Ralph, A; van Zwieten, A; Penna, A; Wyse, B; Scanlan, C; Rogers, C; Cowell, C; Spencer, G; Hiscock, H; Odgers, H; Puusepp-Benazzouz, H; Razee, H; Boyle, J; Belcher, J; Craig, J; Ozimek-Kulik, J; Bau, K; Manera, K; James, L; Mimmo, L; Hallowell, L; Wallen, M; Bowden, M; Nassar, N; Lopez-Varga, P; Karlsson, P; Carlson, S; Hall, S; Sheppard-Law, S; Wilson, Y
2022-01-01Safe water and sanitation in remote Indigenous communities in Australia: conditions towards sustainable outcomesHall, NL; Abeysuriya, K; Jackson, M; Agnew, C; Beal, CD; Barnes, SK; Soeters, S; Mukheibir, P; Brown, S; Moggridge, B
2014-09-01Transitions in theory and practice: Managing metals in the circular economyJackson, M; Lederwasch, A; Giurco, D