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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01AUTC Physics Project: learning outcomes and curriculum developmentMendez; Villanueva, A; Sharma, M; James, B; Pollard, J; Kirkup, L; Livett, M; Newbury, R; Zadnik, M; Prosser, M; Merrett, D
2008-03-01Chest symptoms following coronary stenting in the first 10 weeks of recoveryGallagher, R; Lynch, F; Paul, G; Petkovski, D; Kandl, B; Lang, S; Thomas, N; Fildes, J; James, B; Love, F
2020-04-11Experimental investigation of the characteristics of radioactive beams for heavy ion therapy.Chacon, A; James, B; Tran, L; Guatelli, S; Chartier, L; Prokopvich, D; Franklin, DR; Mohammadi, A; Nishikido, F; Iwao, Y; Akamatsu, G; Takyu, S; Tashima, H; Yamaya, T; Parodi, K; Rosenfeld, A; Safavi-Naeini, M
2021-08-01N1 Opportunity Assessment: Electric Vehicles and the Grid.Dwyer, S; Dargaville, R; Nagrath, K; Thorpe, A; Milton, A; James, B; McGrath, B; Hargroves, C; Kuch, D; Meegahapola, L; Newman, P; Paevere, P
2021-12-13Safety and Justice for all! A Compilation of reflections on the Judiciary and Criminal Justice System adapting during the Covid-19 Pandemic.Jacobs, L; Norris, A; Michael, C; James, B; Suzanne, L; Michael, M; Jacobs, L
2022-12-01Smarter planning for the energy transitionRiedy, C; Economou, D; Koskinen, I; Dargaville, R; Gui, E; Hargroves, C; Newman, P; James, B; Gilmore, N; Paget, G
2023-01-01Strategic Integration of Electric Vehicles: An Australian AnalysisJames, B; Hargroves, C; Dwyer, S