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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06African culture, traditional medicine, and cancer care.James, PB; Asiimwe, JB; Wardle, J; Mwaka, AD; Kasilo, OMJ
2020-02-05An assessment of Ebola-related stigma and its association with informal healthcare utilisation among Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone: a cross-sectional study.James, PB; Wardle, J; Steel, A; Adams, J
2017-09-05An assessment of healthcare professionals' knowledge about and attitude towards influenza vaccination in Freetown Sierra Leone: A cross-sectional studyJames, PB; Rehman, IU; Bah, AJ; Lahai, M; Cole, CP; Khan, TM
2023-01-06Assessment of Knowledge, Stigmatizing Attitudes and Health-Seeking Behaviors Regarding Hepatitis B Virus Infection in a Pharmacy and Community Setting in Sierra Leone: A Cross-Sectional Study.Ghazzawi, M; Yendewa, SA; James, PB; Massaquoi, SP; Babawo, LS; Sahr, F; Deen, GF; Kabba, M; Ocama, P; Lakoh, S; Salata, RA; Yendewa, GA
2014-11-08Awareness, use, attitude and perceived need for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) education among undergraduate pharmacy students in Sierra Leone: A descriptive cross-sectional surveyJames, PB; Bah, AJ
2023Bullying victimization among in-school adolescents in Sierra Leone: A cross-sectional analysis of the 2017 Sierra Leone Global School-Based Health Survey.Osborne, A; James, PB; Bangura, C; Tom Williams, SM; Kangbai, JB; Lebbie, A; Kola, L
2022-05-11COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among Healthcare Workers and Trainees in Freetown, Sierra Leone: A Cross-Sectional Study.Yendewa, SA; Ghazzawi, M; James, PB; Smith, M; Massaquoi, SP; Babawo, LS; Deen, GF; Russell, JBW; Samai, M; Sahr, F; Lakoh, S; Salata, RA; Yendewa, GA
2023Current tobacco use and susceptibility to using tobacco among non-users of tobacco: A cross-sectional study among school-going adolescents in Sierra Leone.James, PB; Kabba, JA; Bah, AJ; Idriss, A; Kitchen, C; Conteh, EB; Lahai, M; Dalinjong, PA
2023-11-03Determinants of incomplete childhood hepatitis B vaccination in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea: Analysis of national surveys (2018-2020).Yendewa, GA; James, PB; Mohareb, A; Barrie, U; Massaquoi, SPE; Yendewa, SA; Ghazzawi, M; Bockarie, T; Cummings, PE; Diallo, IS; Johnson, A; Vohnm, B; Babawo, LS; Deen, GF; Kabba, M; Sahr, F; Lakoh, S; Salata, RA
2023-11-22Do disempowered childbearing women give birth at home in Sierra Leone? A secondary analysis of the 2019 Sierra Leone demographic health survey.James, PB; Yendewa, GA; Bah, AJ; Osborne, A; Kpagoi, SS; Margao, EK; Kangbai, J; Wardle, J
2020-05Ebola survivors' healthcare-seeking experiences and preferences of conventional, complementary and traditional medicine use: A qualitative exploratory study in Sierra Leone.James, PB; Wardle, J; Steel, A; Adams, J
2023-08Experiences and challenges of African traditional medicine: lessons from COVID-19 pandemic.Mutombo, PN; Kasilo, OMJ; James, PB; Wardle, J; Kunle, O; Katerere, D; Wambebe, C; Matsabisa, MG; Rahmatullah, M; Nikiema, J-B; Mukankubito, I; Sheridan, R; Sanogo, R; Nissapatorn, V; Sivakorn, C; Tripathy, S; Goyal, R; Dhobi, M
2016-04-27Exploring self-use, attitude and interest to study complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among final year undergraduate medical, pharmacy and nursing students in Sierra Leone: A comparative studyJames, PB; Bah, AJ; Kondorvoh, IM
2018-01-04Exploring the Knowledge and Perception of Generic Medicines among Final Year Undergraduate Medical, Pharmacy, and Nursing Students in Sierra Leone: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Approach.James, PB; Bah, AJ; Margao, EK; Hanson, C; Kabba, JA; Jamshed, SQ
2022-02-12Factors Associated with HBsAg Seropositivity among Pregnant Women Receiving Antenatal Care at 10 Community Health Centers in Freetown, Sierra Leone: A Cross-Sectional Study.Ghazzawi, M; James, PB; Massaquoi, SP; Yendewa, SA; Salata, RA; Yendewa, GA
2022-01-15Health-related quality of life among Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone: the role of socio-demographic, health-related and psycho-social factors.James, PB; Wardle, J; Gyasi, RM; Steel, A; Adams, J; Kabba, JA; Bah, AJ; Lahai, M; Conteh, EB
2021-01-01Healthcare Workers' Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Perceived Health Facility Preparedness Regarding COVID-19 in Sierra Leone.Kanu, S; James, PB; Bah, AJ; Kabba, JA; Kamara, MS; Williams, CEE; Kanu, JS
2018-05-01Herbal medicine use among hypertensive patients attending public and private health facilities in Freetown Sierra LeoneJames, PB; Kamara, H; Bah, AJ; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2019-03-15Herbal medicine use during breastfeeding: A cross-sectional study among mothers visiting public health facilities in the Western area of Sierra LeoneJames, PB; Kaikai, AI; Bah, AJ; Steel, A; Wardle, J
2018-10-01Herbal medicines use during pregnancy in Sierra Leone: An exploratory cross-sectional studyJames, PB; Bah, AJ; Tommy, MS; Wardle, J; Steel, A