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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-31Business Event Legacies: JMIC Case Study Project ReportFoley, C; Edwards, D; Jasovska, P; Hergesell, A
2022-01-01Collectively creating conditions that nurture: The Bushland as metaphor for the academic ecosystem.Ahuja, S; Gavin, M; Faulkner, S; Hassanli, N; Hergesell, A; Jarvis, W; Jasovska, P; Kaya, E; Klettner, A; Liu, H; Small, J; Walker, C; Weatherall, R; Robinson, S; Bristow, A; Ratle, O
2021-03-10Entrepreneurial market-making across borders: The case of cultural and technological innovationJasovska, P; Liesch, P; Jasovska, P; Logue, D; Rammal, H
2019-10-02Formal-informal channels of university-industry knowledge transfer: the case of Australian business schoolsDang, QT; Jasovska, P; Rammal, HG; Schlenker, K
2021-01-19‘From Dirt to Shirt’: Australian Cotton Conferences Driving Industry Transformation (accepted for publication)Edwards, D; Foley, C; Jasovska, P
2018-05-21Global mobility of professionals and the transfer of tacit knowledge in multinational service firmsGuo, Y; Jasovska, P; Rammal, HG; Rose, EL
2020-01-01International business-government relations: The risk management strategies of MNEs in emerging economiesDang, QT; Jasovska, P; Rammal, HG
2021-03-10Introduction-The evolution of entrepreneurship studies in the international business literature: Trends and direction for future researchJasovska, P; Logue, D; Rammal, HG
2023-01-01‘Maybe one way forward’: Forging collective collegiality in the neoliberal academyFaulkner, S; Gavin, M; Hassanli, N; Hergesell, A; Jasovska, P; Kaya, E; Klettner, A; Small, J; Walker, CN; Weatherall, R
2021-12-01The promise and perils of taking craft beer internationalJasovska, P; Clarke, D; Ellis, V; Patrick-Thomson, H; Weir, D