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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01-01Accidental celebrities: China's chastity heroines and charityJeffreys, E
2008-01Advanced producers or moral polluters? China's bureaucrat-entrepreneurs and sexual corruptionJeffreys, E; Goodman, DSG
2015Arundhati Roy versus the State of India: The Politics of Celebrity PhilanthropyGhosh, D; Jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
2010-01-01Celebrity in ChinaJeffreys, E; Edwards, L
2015-11-01Celebrity PhilanthropyJeffreys, E; Allatson, P; Jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
2015-12-15Celebrity Philanthropy :AfterwordAllatson, P; Jeffreys, E; Jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
2015-12-15Celebrity Philanthropy in China and the Zhang Ziyi ScandalJeffreys, E; Jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
2019-03-01Celebrity philanthropy in China: Reconfiguring government and non-government roles in national developmentDeng, G; Jeffreys, E
2018-01-01Celebrity philanthropy in China: Rethinking cultural studies’ ‘Big Citizen’ critiqueJeffreys, E
2015-10-02Celebrity Philanthropy in Mainland ChinaJeffreys, E
2015-12-15Celebrity Philanthropy: An IntroductionJeffreys, E; Allatson, P; jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
2017-04-03Celebrity-inspired, Fan-driven: Doing Philanthropy through Social Media in Mainland ChinaJeffreys, E; Xu, J
2011-09-01China's 100 per cent condom use program: Customising the Thai experienceJeffreys, E; Gang, S
2004-01-22China, sex and prostitutionJeffreys, E
2021Chinese–international intimate relations: An Australian case study of migrant marriage and divorceJeffreys, E; Wang, P
2018-07-03Curating philanthropy and socialist governance: the Chinese Charity museumJeffreys, E
2006-07-13Debating the legal regulation of sex-related bribery and corruption in the People's Republic of ChinaJeffreys, E
2015-01-01Doing good or doing nothing? Celebrity, media and philanthropy in ChinaHassid, J; Jeffreys, E
2016-01-13Elite philanthropy in China and America: The disciplining and self-discipline of wealthJeffreys, E
2017-07-28Entrepreneurs, celebrities and charitable foundations: Elite philanthropy in ChinaJeffreys, E