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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Automating the detection of turning points: inventory control at ComputerShopJenkins, RJ; Breach, G; Kennedy, J; Di Milia, L
Jan-2004Beer distribution game: a simulation using Java agents and MySQLJenkins, RJ; Breach, G; Power, D
Jan-2004Complex supply chains: analysis of a beer distribution game simulation outputJenkins, RJ; Breach, G; Elkin, G
Jan-2001ERP as the Trojan Horse for the New Rules of Operations ManagementJenkins, RJ
Jan-2008Improving supply chain performance of the Australian beef enterprisesJie, F; Parton, K; Jenkins, RJ; Cox, RD; Wilson, M
Jan-2001More than a Mismatch: Mindset Discordance Between Operations Researchers and Manufacturing Managers Concerning ControlJenkins, RJ; Chapman, RL; Hyland, PW; N/A
Jan-2007A New Approach to the Process of Identifying Lead Users in Open Source Software CommunitiesBreach, G; Jenkins, RJ; Chapman, R
Jan-2003Production functions or governance structures: operations stategy within the firmJenkins, RJ; Hyland, PW; Davis, D; Jenkins, R
Jan-2006Recovery at Oroton group: planning orders for core productsJenkins, RJ; Kennedy, J; Di Milia, L
Jan-2003A resource based view of palliative care teamsJenkins, RJ; Davison, G; Hyland, PW; Brown, A
Jan-2001The Strategic Mindset of Australian Manufacturing Managers: Some Missing LinksHyland, PW; Jenkins, RJ; Chapman, RL; Riis, J; Jahnsen, J; Drejer, A
Jan-2003The strategic mindset of Australian manufacturing managers: some missing linksHyland, PW; Jenkins, RJ; Chapman, RL
Jan-2005Strategy and supply chain management: the website as a distinctive competenceJenkins, RJ; Breach, G; Hyland, P; Stewart, G
Jan-2008Supply chain analysis of Australian beef retailers/wholesalersJie, F; Parton, K; Jenkins, RJ; Singh, P; Prajogo, D; O'Neill, P; Rahman, S
Jan-2007Supply Chain Performance Indicators for Australian Beef Industry: An Empirical AnalysisJie, F; Parton, K; Jenkins, RJ; Cox, R; Chapman, R
Jan-2007A Systems Dynamics Approach To Modelling In The Australian Beef Supply ChainJie, F; Jenkins, RJ; Parton, K; Singh, P; Prajogo, D; O'Neill, P