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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06-29Adsorption Mechanisms of Typical Carbonyl-Containing Volatile Organic Compounds on Anatase TiO<inf>2</inf> (001) Surface: A DFT InvestigationYao, M; Ji, Y; Wang, H; Ao, Z; Li, G; An, T
2011-01Aesthetics in Interactive Interface DesignJi, Y; Thatcher, DS
2023-06An integrated cell atlas of the lung in health and disease.Sikkema, L; Ramírez-Suástegui, C; Strobl, DC; Gillett, TE; Zappia, L; Madissoon, E; Markov, NS; Zaragosi, L-E; Ji, Y; Ansari, M; Arguel, M-J; Apperloo, L; Banchero, M; Bécavin, C; Berg, M; Chichelnitskiy, E; Chung, M-I; Collin, A; Gay, ACA; Gote-Schniering, J; Hooshiar Kashani, B; Inecik, K; Jain, M; Kapellos, TS; Kole, TM; Leroy, S; Mayr, CH; Oliver, AJ; von Papen, M; Peter, L; Taylor, CJ; Walzthoeni, T; Xu, C; Bui, LT; De Donno, C; Dony, L; Faiz, A; Guo, M; Gutierrez, AJ; Heumos, L; Huang, N; Ibarra, IL; Jackson, ND; Kadur Lakshminarasimha Murthy, P; Lotfollahi, M; Tabib, T; Talavera-López, C; Travaglini, KJ; Wilbrey-Clark, A; Worlock, KB; Yoshida, M; Lung Biological Network Consortium,; van den Berge, M; Bossé, Y; Desai, TJ; Eickelberg, O; Kaminski, N; Krasnow, MA; Lafyatis, R; Nikolic, MZ; Powell, JE; Rajagopal, J; Rojas, M; Rozenblatt-Rosen, O; Seibold, MA; Sheppard, D; Shepherd, DP; Sin, DD; Timens, W; Tsankov, AM; Whitsett, J; Xu, Y; Banovich, NE; Barbry, P; Duong, TE; Falk, CS; Meyer, KB; Kropski, JA; Pe'er, D; Schiller, HB; Tata, PR; Schultze, JL; Teichmann, SA; Misharin, AV; Nawijn, MC; Luecken, MD; Theis, FJ
2017-12-01Cooperative spectrum sensing based on a modified shuffled frog leaping algorithm in 5G networkTong, X; Ji, Y; Lin, J; Zhu, J; Sun, F; Zhong, Y; Yang, Y; Zhu, X
2023-02-01Design and performance simulation of a novel waste heat-driven liquid desiccant combined with transcritical CO2 refrigeration system for ocean-going vessels in typical shipping routesWang, Z; Yu, S; Cao, M; Ji, Y; Cai, W; Han, F
-Effect of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Improving Sleep and Health Status in Patients with Cardiometabolic Syndrome: a Meta-AnalysisXu, D; Cardell, E; Xu, M; Ji, Y; Lou, Z; Sun, J; Li, L
2020-03-15Effects of chemical pretreatments on microplastic extraction in sewage sludge and their physicochemical characteristicsLi, X; Chen, L; Ji, Y; Li, M; Dong, B; Qian, G; Zhou, J; Dai, X
2022-03-18Emerging investigator series: effects of sediment particle size on the spatial distributions of contaminants and bacterial communities in the reservoir sedimentsChen, W; Wang, Y; Wang, L; Ji, Y; Wang, Q; Li, M; Gao, L
2012-01An Enactive Multimodal Interface for Narrative ConstructionHills, DL; Ji, Y; Edmonds, EA; Li, Z; Feng, Y
2011-11-01Formation mechanism of novel two-dimensional single crystalline dendritic copper plates in an aqueous environmentXu, X; Yang, H; Liu, Y; Zheng, Y; Li, L; Ji, Y; Han, X
2015Investigating a design pattern to support personalized human computer interactionJi, Y
2013-03-18Manganese-based layered coordination polymer: Synthesis, structural characterization, magnetic property, and electrochemical performance in lithium-ion batteriesLiu, Q; Yu, L; Wang, Y; Ji, Y; Horvat, J; Cheng, ML; Jia, X; Wang, G
2013Manganese-based layered coordination polymer: Synthesis, structural characterization, magnetic property, and electrochemical performance in lithium-ion batteriesHorvat, J; Liu, Q; Yu, L; Ji, Y; Cheng, M; Jia, X; Wang, G; Wang, Y
2018-06-01Recognition and detection of two-person interactive actions using automatically selected skeleton featuresWu, H; Shao, J; Xu, X; Ji, Y; Shen, F; Shen, HT
2018-11-01Video Captioning by Adversarial LSTMYang, Y; Zhou, J; Ai, J; Bin, Y; Hanjalic, A; Shen, HT; Ji, Y