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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11-01A Spatial Hazard-Based analysis for modelling vehicle selection in station-based carsharing systemsJian, S; Hossein Rashidi, T; Wijayaratna, KP; Dixit, VV
2019-05-01CURE: Flexible Categorical Data Representation by Hierarchical Coupling LearningJian, S; Pang, G; Cao, L; Lu, K; Gao, H
2017-01-01Embedding-based representation of categorical data by hierarchical value coupling learningJian, S; Cao, L; Pang, G; Lu, K; Gao, H
2019Evolutionarily Learning Multi-Aspect Interactions and Influences from Network Structure and Node ContentCao, L; Jian, S; Hu, L; Lu, K; Gao, H
2019Evolving Coauthorship Modeling and Prediction via Time-Aware Paired Choice AnalysisHu, L; Chen, Q; Cao, L; Jian, S; Zhao, H; Cao, J
2019HERS: Modeling Influential Contexts with Heterogeneous Relations for Sparse and Cold-Start RecommendationCao, L; Hu, L; Jian, S; Gu, Z; Chen, Q; Amirbekyan, A
2018-01-01Interpretable recommendation via attraction modeling: Learning multilevel attractiveness over multimodal movie contentsHu, L; Jian, S; Cao, L; Chen, Q
2017-12-29Lateral stability study of a vehicle fitted with hydraulically interconnected suspension in slalom maneuverWang, L; Jian, S; Qi, H; Zhang, N
2018-01-01Metric-based auto-instructor for learning mixed data representationJian, S; Hu, L; Cao, L; Lu, K
2019-08-01Mobile phone conversation distraction: Understanding differences in impact between simulator and naturalistic driving studiesWijayaratna, KP; Cunningham, ML; Regan, MA; Jian, S; Chand, S; Dixit, VV
2018-11-01Neural Cross-Session Filtering: Next-Item Prediction Under Intra- and Inter-Session ContextHu, L; Chen, Q; Zhao, H; Jian, S; Cao, L; Cao, J
2018-01-01Novel approach to transport project appraisal: Demand weighted multi-modal level of serviceWijayaratna, K; Jian, S; Jayakumar Nair, D; Waller, T
2019-08-24Travel Behaviour variation across SydneyKim, I; De Silva Wijayaratna, K; Jian, S
2019-08-24The Unreliability of journey-time reliability measurementsMoylan, E; Jian, S; De Silva Wijayaratna, K; Waller, ST
2018-09-01Unsupervised Coupled Metric Similarity for Non-IID Categorical DataJian, S; Cao, L; Lu, K; Gao, H