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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03-01A framework for truthful online auctions in cloud computing with heterogeneous user demandsZhang, H; Jiang, H; Li, B; Liu, F; Vasilakos, AV; Liu, J
2018-06-01Aureole: a multi-perspective visual analytics approach for green cellular networksJiang, H; Tang, K; Zhao, W; Pei, W; Wu, Y; Liang, J
2021-05-01Backward-to-Forward Wide-Angle Fast Beam-Scanning Leaky-Wave Antenna with Consistent GainJiang, H; Xu, K; Zhang, Q; Yang, Y; Karmokar, DK; Chen, S; Zhao, P; Wang, G; Peng, L
2016-01-01China's natural gas production and consumption analysis based on the multicycle Hubbert model and rolling Grey modelWang, J; Jiang, H; Zhou, Q; Wu, J; Qin, S
2019-01-01Comparative Efficacy and Tolerability of Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy Regimens for Patients with HER2-Positive Breast Cancer: A Network Meta-AnalysisWu, D; Chen, T; Jiang, H; Duan, C; Zhang, X; Lin, Y; Chen, S; Wu, F; Gupta, S
2015-06-15Comprehensive assessment of wind resources and the low-carbon economy: An empirical study in the Alxa and Xilin Gol Leagues of inner Mongolia, ChinaJiang, H; Wang, J; Dong, Y; Lu, H
2016-11-15Crashworthiness of vertex based hierarchical honeycombs in out-of-plane impactSun, G; Jiang, H; Fang, J; Li, G; Li, Q
2022-11-01Cross-regional electricity and hydrogen deployment research based on coordinated optimization: Towards carbon neutrality in ChinaJin, C; Xiao, J; Hou, J; Jiang, H; Zhang, J; Lv, X; Sun, W; Jiang, H; Du, E; Fang, Y; Zhou, Y; Shi, X
2018-05-25Extending CDFR for overlapping community detectionLu, N; Luo, W; Ni, L; Jiang, H; Ding, W
2022-08-01Factors affecting economics of clean energy transmission channel in Southeast AsiaGao, Y; Jiang, H; Peng, F; Gao, Y; Zhang, Y; Shi, X
2021-01-01Finite-time stability of coupled impulsive neural networks with time-varying delays and saturating actuatorsOuyang, D; Shao, J; Jiang, H; Wen, S; Nguang, SK
2021-07-01Fixed-time Synchronization of Coupled Memristive Complex-valued Neural NetworksFeng, L; Hu, C; Yu, J; Jiang, H; Wen, S
2011-11-01LHCDS: A novel deployment strategy of proxy caches for P2P traffic in ISP networksZhai, H; Jiang, H; Sun, Y; Li, J; Liu, J; Fang, G; Dutkiewicz, E
2017-01-25A lithium/polysulfide battery with dual-working mode enabled by liquid fuel and acrylate-based gel polymer electrolyteLiu, M; Ren, Y; Zhou, D; Jiang, H; Kang, F; Zhao, T
2012-03-01A multi-region model for numerical simulation of micro bulk formingWang, GC; Zheng, W; Wu, T; Jiang, H; Zhao, GQ; Wei, DB; Jiang, ZY
2022-04-29On incorrectness logic for Quantum programsYan, P; Jiang, H; Yu, N
2019-01-01Parallel fast fourier transform in SPMD style of cilkWeng, TH; Wang, TX; Hsieh, MY; Jiang, H; Shen, J; Li, KC
2022-06-01Power connectivity in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) – The need for a wider discourseYang, M; Sharma, D; Shi, X; Mamaril, K; Jiang, H; Candlin, A
2021-12-31Quingo: A Programming Framework for Heterogeneous Quantum-Classical Computing with NISQ FeaturesFu, X; Yu, J; Su, X; Jiang, H; Wu, H; Cheng, F; Deng, X; Zhang, J; Jin, L; Yang, Y; Xu, L; Hu, C; Huang, A; Huang, G; Qiang, X; Deng, M; Xu, P; Xu, W; Liu, W; Zhang, Y; Deng, Y; Wu, J; Feng, Y
2019-10Regional power connectivity in Southeast Asia: the role of regional cooperationShi, X; Yao, L; Jiang, H