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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Survey and Experimental Analysis of Distributed Subgraph Matching.Lai, L; Qing, Z; Yang, Z; Jin, X; Lai, Z; Wang, R; Hao, K; Lin, X; Qin, L; Zhang, W; Zhang, Y; Qian, Z; Zhou, J
2016-08-26Characterisation of Bone Beneficial Components from Australian Wallaby Bone.Lao, W; Jin, X; Tan, Y; Xiao, L; Padula, MP; Bishop, DP; Reedy, B; Ong, M; Kamal, MA; Qu, X
2017-01-01Chinese Herbal Medicine for the Optimal Management of Polycystic Ovary SyndromeOng, M; Peng, J; Jin, X; Qu, X
2022-06-01Click-iT (R) Plus OPP Alexa Fluor (R) Protein Synthesis Assay in Embryonic CellsLi, Y; Ji, X; Chang, L; Tang, J; Hua, M-M; Liu, J; O'Neill, C; Huang, X; Jin, X
2015-01-01Comparison of cytotoxicity and the anti-adipogenic effect of green tea polyphenols with epigallocatechin-3-gallate in 3T3-L1 preadipocytesLao, W; Tan, Y; Jin, X; Xiao, L; Kim, JJY; Qu, X
2022-12-04Creating Graduates with SDG Attributes through Engineering Ethics EducationJin, X; Kelly, A
2017-02-16Decentralised control method for DC microgrids with improved current sharing accuracyYang, J; Jin, X; Wu, X; Acuna, P; Aguilera, RP; Morstyn, T; Agelidis, VG
2019-01-01Distributed subgraph matching on timely dataflowLai, L; Qing, Z; Yang, Z; Jin, X; Lai, Z; Wang, R; Hao, K; Lin, X; Qin, L; Zhang, W; Zhang, Y; Qian, Z; Zhou, J
2014-01-01Ecotourism site in relation to tourist attitude and further behavioural changesCheng, M; Jin, X; Wong, IKA
2015-05-01Effects of cordycepin on the microglia-overactivation-induced impairments of growth and development of hippocampal cultured neuronsPeng, J; Wang, P; Ge, H; Qu, X; Jin, X
2014-01-01A fast mode decision algorithm applied to coarse-grain quality scalable video codingWang, D; Yuan, C; Sun, Y; Zhang, J; Jin, X
2021-04-01FAST: FPGA-based subgraph matching on massive graphsJin, X; Yang, Z; Lin, X; Yang, S; Qin, L; Peng, Y
2021FAST: FPGA-based Subgraph Matching on Massive Graphs.Jin, X; Yang, Z; Lin, X; Yang, S; Qin, L; Peng, Y
2020FDFA: A fog computing assisted distributed analytics and detecting system for family activitiesGu, F; Niu, J; Jin, X; Yu, S
2021-02-01Gas-liquid microextraction coupled with magnetic-assisted dispersive solid-phase extraction clean-up for multi-residue pesticide analysis in fatty foods of animal originKaw, HY; Jin, X; Liu, Y; Cai, L; Zhao, X; Wang, J; Zhou, JL; He, M; Li, D
2022-12-20High-Contrast Luminescent Immunohistochemistry Using PEGylated Lanthanide Complexes.Su, F; Luo, X; Du, Z; Chen, Z; Liu, Y; Jin, X; Guo, Z; Lu, J; Jin, D
2019-06-15HRCal: An effective calibration system for heart rate detection during exercisingJin, X; Gu, F; Niu, J; Yu, S; Ouyang, Z
2021Model-Free Event-Triggered Optimal Consensus Control of Multiple Euler-Lagrange Systems via Reinforcement LearningWang, S; Jin, X; Mao, S; Vasilakos, AV; Tang, Y
2015-12-01A new step aeration approach towards the improvement of nitrogen removal in a full scale Carrousel oxidation ditchJin, P; Wang, X; Ngo, HH; Jin, X
2022-01-15One-step integrated sample pretreatment technique by gas-liquid microextraction (GLME) to determine multi-class pesticide residues in plant-derived foods.Jin, X; Kaw, HY; Liu, Y; Zhao, J; Piao, X; Jin, D; He, M; Yan, X-P; Zhou, JL; Li, D