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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12A qualitative interview study of Australian physicians on defensive practice and low value care: “it’s easier to talk about our fear of lawyers than to talk about our fear of looking bad in front of each other”Ries, NM; Johnston, B; Jansen, J
2023A Revised Approach to Advance Personal Planning: The Role of Theory in Achieving “The Good Result”Johnston, B
-Adaptively selecting occupations to detect skill shortages from online job adsDawson, N; Rizoiu, M-A; Johnston, B; Williams, M-A
-Advance planning for research participation: Time to translate this innovation into practiceRies, N; Johnston, B; Jeon, Y; Mansfield, E; Nay, R; Parker, D; Schnitker, L; Sinclair, C
2014-01-01Affective facial expression processing via simulation: A probabilistic modelVitale, J; Williams, MA; Johnston, B; Boccignone, G
2022-07-01An in-the-wild study to find type of questions people ask to a social robot providing question-answering serviceRaza, SA; Vitale, J; Tonkin, M; Johnston, B; Billingsley, R; Herse, S; Williams, MA
2010-11-08Anticipation as a strategy: A design paradigm for roboticsWilliams, MA; Gärdenfors, P; Johnston, B; Wightwick, G
2010-01-01Attention in the ASMO cognitive architectureNovianto, R; Johnston, B; Williams, MA
2009-12-01Autonomous learning of commonsense simulationsJohnston, B; Williams, MA
2018-03-01Bon Appetit! Robot Persuasion for Food RecommendationHerse, S; Vitale, J; Ebrahimian, D; Tonkin, M; Ojha, S; Sidra, S; Johnston, B; Phillips, S; Gudi, SLKC; Clark, J; Judge, W; Williams, MA
2016-01-01Co-design and robots: A case study of a robot dog for aging peopleLeong, TW; Johnston, B
2017-10-19Coal-on-a-Chip: Visualizing Flow in Coal FracturesGerami, A; Armstrong, RT; Johnston, B; Warkiani, ME; Mosavat, N; Mostaghimi, P
2011-08-11The collection of physical knowledge and its application in intelligent systemsJohnston, B
2008-01-01Comirit: Commonsense reasoning by integrating simulation and logicJohnston, B; Williams, MA
2009-12-01Conservative and reward-driven behavior selection in a commonsense reasoning frameworkJohnston, B; Williams, MA
2023-12-01Dementia Training for Legal Practitioners: Results from a pilot evaluation study and implications for building dementia capability in the legal professionRies, N; Johnston, B
2014-10-15Directing human attention with pointingWang, X; Williams, MA; Gardenfors, P; Vitale, J; Abidi, S; Johnston, B; Kuipers, B; Huang, A
2018-11-06Do You Trust Me, Blindly? Factors Influencing Trust Towards a Robot Recommender SystemHerse, S; Vitale, J; Tonkin, M; Ebrahimian, D; Ojha, S; Johnston, B; Judge, W; Williams, MA
2005-01Educating Parents: The Evenstart financial literacy programChodkiewicz, AK; Johnston, B; Yasukawa, K
2012-10-01An empirical test of accreditation patient journey surveys: Randomized trialGreenfield, D; Hinchcliff, R; Westbrook, M; Jones, D; Low, L; Johnston, B; Banks, M; Pawsey, M; Moldovan, M; Westbrook, J; Braithwaite, J