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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01Best practice or business as usual? Whose interests are served by the engineering science paradigm?Goldsmith, R; Reidsema, C; Campbell, D; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
2010-01Collaborative Peer Learning to Change Learning Culture and Develop the Skills for Lifelong Professional PracticeWilley, K; Gardner, AP; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
2011-12-01Conference, reviews and conservations about improving engineering educationJolly, L; Keith, KW; Tibbits, G; Anne, AG
2010-01Critical Conversations: How Collaborative Learning Activities Can Prepare Students for Structural Engineering PracticeGardner, AP; Willey, K; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
2011-01Gatekeeping or filtering?: Investigating the connection between peer review & research qualityWilley, K; Jolly, L; Tibbits, G; Gardner, AP; Al-Abdeli, YM; Lindsay, E
2010-01Innovative Assessment and Feedback System for Structural Engineering EducationSaleh, A; Li, J; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
2011-01-01Investigating research quality and the review process: Some suggestions for improvementWilley, K; Jolly, L; Tibbits, G; Gardner, A
2019-01-01Moving from crime and punishment to success and reward: Transitioning from technical to educational researchDart, S; Blackmore, K; Willey, K; Gardner, A; Jose, S; Sharma, R; Trad, S; Jolly, L
2010-01Part Time Study Distorts Student Attrition Rates in Engineering ProgramsGibbings, P; Godfrey, E; King, R; Wandel, W; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
2012-12-01Peering at the peer review process for conference submissionsGardner, A; Willey, K; Jolly, L; Tibbits, G
2012-01Quality in Engineering Education Research: arriving at consensusJolly, L; Willey, K; Gardner, AP; Mann, L; Daniel, S
2010-01Scoping the Opportunities to Aid Recruitment and Retention of Indigenous Students in EngineeringGodfrey, E; King, R; Gardner, A; Jolly, L