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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-12-04Australia's first female prime minister and gender politics: Long-form counterpointsJoseph, S
2016-08-17Australian Literary Journalism and “Missing Voices”: How Helen Garner finally resolves this recurring ethical tensionJoseph, S
2019-01-01Bolivian Ghosts Exorcised Through Literary Journalism: Discussing First-Person Trauma NarrativeJoseph, S
2019-12-02DISAPPEARING Abyssal lines of ageing, a personal eco-storyJoseph, S
2016-05-30The Exegesis, Auto-ethnography and the Ethical Management of Enactive PracticeJoseph, S; Jeri Kroll, Andrew Melrose, and Jen Webb
2017-01-02Guiding life writers: the supervision of creative doctoral work interrogating personal traumaJoseph, S; Latona, F
2019-09-01'I am that Girl': How the Saxon Mullins Case Disrupted Consent Laws in New South WalesJoseph, S; Joseph, S; Keeble, RL
2019-12-31In a pink ghetto: how female news workers define sex journalismMiddleweek, B; Joseph, S; Keeble, R
2016-01-01Introduction: Profiling—painting a picture in wordsKeeble, RL; Joseph, S
2019-03-01Life-writing and incremental healing: word by word, year by yearJoseph, SA; Avieson, B; Giles, F; Joseph, S
2018-05-01The mechanisms and consequences of inorganic reactions during the production of ferrous sulphate enriched bamboo biocharsPace, B; Munroe, P; Marjo, CE; Thomas, P; Gong, B; Shepherd, J; Buss, W; Joseph, S
2019-10-01Peripheries and praxis: the effect of rubric co-construction on student perceptions of their learningJoseph, S; Rickett, C; Northcote, M; Christian, B; Seddon, J
2011-01-01Recounting traumatic secrets: Empathy and the literary journalistJoseph, S
2010-01-01Telling true stories in AustraliaJoseph, S
2018-01-01To Begin to Know: Resolving ethical tensions in David Leser’s patriographical workJoseph, SA; Rickett, C; Joseph, S; Avieson, B; Giles, F
2018-10-16To edit or not to edit? Why is editing academic collections not recognised in the Humanities?Joseph, S; Dale, A
2018-10-16To edit or not to edit? Why is editing academic collections not recognised in the Humanities?Joseph, S; Dale, A
2007Voicelessness and the media : when sexuality secrets become public propertyJoseph, S
2010-01The writing cure?: ethical considerations in managing creative practice lifewriting projectsJoseph, SA; Rickett, C; Joseph, S; Rickett, C
2019-05-01Writing Trauma: The Other Into the Story of The SelfDenejkina, A; Joseph, S; Giles, F; Avieson, B