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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Collective Regulation of Wages and Conditions in Aged Care - Beyond labour lawKaine, SJ
Jan-2010"Comprehensive Campaigning" in the NSW Transport Industry: Bridging the Divide between Regulation and Union OrganizingKaine, SJ; Rawling, MJ
Jan-2013Conceptualising CSR in the context of the shifting contours of Australian employment regulationKaine, SJ; Wright, CF
2017Decentralised bargaining in Denmark and Australia: Voluntarism versus Legal RegulationKaine, SJ; Kaj Anderson, S; Lansbury, R
Jan-2010Defining sustainability and human resource managementSpooner, KB; Kaine, SJ
2016Different Pathways to the Decentralisation of Industrial Relations: Denmark and Australian comparedLansbury, R; Kaine, SJ; Kaj Andersen, S; Pernille Larsen, T; Ilsoe, A
Jan-2012Employee Voice and Regulation in the Residential Aged Care SectorKaine, SJ
1-Jan-2016Individual performance pay plansSheilds, J; Kaine, SJ; Shields, J
1-Jan-2016Individual recognition plansShields, J; Kaine, SJ; Shields, J
Jan-2010Industrial Instruments and the Regulation of Residential Aged Care in NSWKaine, SJ
2016Labour standards in global value chains: disentangling workers’ voice, vicarious voice, power relations, and regulationJosserand, EL; Kaine, SJ
Jan-2013Outing the Silent Partner: Espousing the Economic Values that Operate in Not-For-Profit OrganizationsKaine, SJ; Green, J
Jan-2010Ownership structure, regulation and the management of labour in the residential aged care sectorKaine, SJ; Barnes, A; Balnave, N; Lafferty, G
1-Jan-2016Performance and Reward BasicsShields, J; Kaine, SJ; Shields, J
Jan-2012Regulating supply chains to provide a safe rate for road transport workersRawling, MJ; Kaine, SJ
Jan-2009Regulation and Employment Relations in Aged CareKaine, SJ
Jan-2014Union VoiceKaine, SJ; Wilkinson, A; Donaghey, J; Dundon, T; Freeman, RB
Jan-2013Working in Residential Aged Care: A Trans-Tasman comparisonKaine, SJ; Ravenswood, K