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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-27Asymptotic Soft Filter Pruning for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.He, Y; Dong, X; Kang, G; Fu, Y; Yan, C; Yang, Y
2020Asymptotic Soft Filter Pruning for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.He, Y; Dong, X; Kang, G; Fu, Y; Yan, C; Yang, Y
2022-05-01Chloride Induced Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement in Alkali Activated Concretes: A Critical ReviewVu, TH; Dang, LC; Kang, G; Sirivivatnanon, V
2020-01-01Content-Consistent Matching for Domain Adaptive Semantic SegmentationLi, G; Kang, G; Liu, W; Wei, Y; Yang, Y
2022-01-01Contrastive Adaptation Network for Single- and Multi-Source Domain Adaptation.Kang, G; Jiang, L; Wei, Y; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG
2018-01-01Deep Adversarial Attention Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: The Benefit of Target Expectation MaximizationKang, G; Zheng, L; Yan, Y; Yang, Y
2021-10-20Demonstration of Hybrid High- Q Hexagonal Boron Nitride MicroresonatorsDas, A; Lee, DJ; Shandilya, PK; Kim, S; Kang, G; Lake, DP; Behera, B; Sukachev, D; Aharonovich, I; Lee, JH; Park, J; Barclay, PE
2021-11-13Domain Consensus Clustering for Universal Domain AdaptationLi, G; Kang, G; Zhu, Y; Wei, Y; Yang, Y
-EraseReLU: A Simple Way to Ease the Training of Deep Convolution Neural NetworksDong, X; Kang, G; Zhan, K; Yang, Y
2021Few-Shot Segmentation via Cycle-Consistent TransformerZhang, G; Kang, G; Yang, Y; Wei, Y
2018-12-14Image-Image Domain Adaptation with Preserved Self-Similarity and Domain-Dissimilarity for Person Re-identificationDeng, W; Zheng, L; Ye, Q; Kang, G; Yang, Y; Jiao, J
2016-07-01Multi-Modal Curriculum Learning for Semi-Supervised Image ClassificationGong, C; Tao, D; Maybank, SJ; Liu, W; Kang, G; Yang, J
2020-01-01Random Erasing Data AugmentationZhong, Z; Zheng, L; Kang, G; Li, S; Yang, Y
2018-01-01Self-produced guidance for weakly-supervised object localizationZhang, X; Wei, Y; Kang, G; Yang, Y; Huang, T
2018-05-01Shakeout: A New Approach to Regularized Deep Neural Network TrainingKang, G; Li, J; Tao, D
2016-01-01Shakeout: A new regularized deep neural network training schemeKang, G; Li, J; Tao, D
2018-01-01Soft filter pruning for accelerating deep convolutional neural networksHe, Y; Kang, G; Dong, X; Fu, Y; Yang, Y
2015-04The landscape of somatic mutations in infant MLL-rearranged acute lymphoblastic leukemias.Andersson, AK; Ma, J; Wang, J; Chen, X; Gedman, AL; Dang, J; Nakitandwe, J; Holmfeldt, L; Parker, M; Easton, J; Huether, R; Kriwacki, R; Rusch, M; Wu, G; Li, Y; Mulder, H; Raimondi, S; Pounds, S; Kang, G; Shi, L; Becksfort, J; Gupta, P; Payne-Turner, D; Vadodaria, B; Boggs, K; Yergeau, D; Manne, J; Song, G; Edmonson, M; Nagahawatte, P; Wei, L; Cheng, C; Pei, D; Sutton, R; Venn, NC; Chetcuti, A; Rush, A; Catchpoole, D; Heldrup, J; Fioretos, T; Lu, C; Ding, L; Pui, C-H; Shurtleff, S; Mullighan, CG; Mardis, ER; Wilson, RK; Gruber, TA; Zhang, J; Downing, JR; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital–Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project,