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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-03-013D Printable Self-Adhesive and Self-Healing Ionotronic Hydrogels for Wearable Healthcare Devices.Seong, M; Kondaveeti, S; Choi, G; Kim, S; Kim, J; Kang, M; Jeong, HE
2022-09-23A healthy lifestyle text message intervention for adolescents: protocol for the Health4Me randomized controlled trial.Raeside, R; Spielman, K; Maguire, S; Mihrshahi, S; Steinbeck, K; Kang, M; Laranjo, L; Hyun, K; Redfern, J; Partridge, SR; Health4Me Team,
2017-08-01Access 3 project protocol: Young people and health system navigation in the digital age: A multifaceted, mixed methods studyKang, M; Robards, F; Sanci, L; Steinbeck, K; Jan, S; Hawke, C; Kong, M; Usherwood, T
2019-12-01Adolescent abortion in 11 high-income countries including Australia: towards the establishment of a minimum data setAssifi, AR; Sullivan, EA; Kang, M; Dawson, AJ
2022-06-20Adolescents' self-efficacy and digital health literacy: a cross-sectional mixed methods study.Taba, M; Allen, TB; Caldwell, PHY; Skinner, SR; Kang, M; McCaffery, K; Scott, KM
2023-09-19Arab & Gay: Exploring the Intersectional Identities of Gay Arab-Australian MenSaliba, B; Hammoud, M; Mao, L; Prestage, G; Kang, M
2023-09-28Arab & Gay: Exploring the Intersectional Identities of Gay Arab-Australian MenSaliba, B; Hammoud, M; Mao, L; Prestage, G; Kang, M
2020-10-23Assessing care trajectories of adolescent females seeking early induced abortion in New South Wales: multistage, mixed-methods study protocolDawson, A; Assifi, A; Sullivan, E; Kang, M
2021-05-01Australian Federal, State and Territory Policy on the Health and Wellbeing of Young People: A Scoping ReviewWaller, D; Brooks, F; Perry, L; Kang, M; Steinbeck, K
2022-07-26Barriers and facilitators regarding the implementation of policies and programmes aimed at reducing adolescent pregnancy in Ghana: an exploratory qualitative study.Ahinkorah, BO; Perry, L; Brooks, F; Kang, M
2022-04-20Building evidence into youth health policy: a case study of the Access 3 knowledge translation forum.Waller, D; Robards, F; Schneider, CH; Sanci, L; Steinbeck, K; Gibson, S; Usherwood, T; Hawke, C; Jan, S; Kong, M; Kang, M
2023-09-25Childhood and Adolescence Gender Role Nonconformity and Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Young Adulthood.Marino, JL; Lin, A; Davies, C; Kang, M; Bista, S; Skinner, SR
2023-07Complex intervention to promote human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine uptake in school settings: A cluster-randomized trial.Davies, C; Marshall, HS; Brotherton, JML; McCaffery, K; Kang, M; Macartney, K; Garland, SM; Kaldor, J; Zimet, G; Skinner, SR; Study Group,
2021-10Differences in school factors associated with adolescent HPV vaccination initiation and completion coverage in three Australian states.Sisnowski, J; Vujovich-Dunn, C; Gidding, H; Brotherton, J; Wand, H; Lorch, R; Veitch, M; Sheppeard, V; Effler, P; Skinner, SR; Venn, A; Davies, C; Hocking, J; Whop, L; Leask, J; Canfell, K; Sanci, L; Smith, M; Kang, M; Temple-Smith, M; Kidd, M; Burns, S; Selvey, L; Meijer, D; Ennis, S; Thomson, C; Lane, N; Kaldor, J; Guy, R
2023-09-13Distinctive psychosocial experiences of Australian-born gay men of Arab descent: a qualitative explorationSaliba, B; Kang, M; Hammoud, M; Mao, L; Prestage, G
2021-11Effect of a School-Based Educational Intervention About the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine on Psychosocial Outcomes Among Adolescents: Analysis of Secondary Outcomes of a Cluster Randomized Trial.Davies, C; Marshall, HS; Zimet, G; McCaffery, K; Brotherton, JML; Kang, M; Garland, S; Kaldor, J; McGeechan, K; Skinner, SR; Study Group,
2019-09-16Effects of LGBT Community Connectedness and Participation on Sexual Health in International MSM StudentsDemant, D; Kang, M
2021-10-04Emergency Department Initiated Mental Health Interventions for Young People: A Systematic Review.Walker, N; Medlow, S; Georges, A; Steinbeck, K; Ivers, R; Perry, L; Skinner, SR; Kang, M; Cullen, P
2008-12-01Encounters between adolescents and general practice in AustraliaBooth, ML; Knox, S; Kang, M
2016-01Evaluation of a school screening programme for young people from refugee backgrounds.Woodland, L; Kang, M; Elliot, C; Perry, A; Eagar, S; Zwi, K