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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-12-01A multi-perspective approach to facilitate collaboration: A case study on australian public sector organisationsYoo CB; Hawryszkiewycz I; Kang K
2020-01-01Analyzing shopping behavior of the middle-aged users in tiktok live streaming platformLi L; Kang K
2010-01Considering Culture in Designing Web Based E-commerceKang K; Kyeong Kang
2011-01-01Culture, emotion and trust on websitesKang K; Kovacevic L
2020Disruptive Technology: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and ApplicationsBurdon S; Kang K; Mooney G; Khosrow-Pour MK-P
2020-11-11Factors Associated with Return to Work Following Myocardial Infarction: A Systematic Review of Observational Studies.Sun W; Gholizadeh L; Perry L; Kang K; Heydari M
-How the Structures Provided by Social Media Enable Collaborative Outcomes: A Study of Service Co-creation in NonprofitsNamisango F; Kang K; Beydoun G
2018Knowledge Sharing Culture, Intellectual Capital and Organisational Performance.Attar M; Kang K; Sohaib O; Hirano M; Myers MD; Kijima K; Tanabu M; Senoo D
2020Organizational Generativity, Social Media and the Co-creation of Nonprofit Services: A Sociomateriality PerspectiveNamisango F; Kang K; Rehman J
2020-01-01Technological and human factors for supporting big data analytics in Saudi Arabian higher educationAseeri M; Kang K
2018-01-01The effect of organisational culture and knowledge environment on organisational success: Directions for future researchAttar M; Kang K
2014-06-27The Language GameDanylak R; Kang K
2012-01-01The role of technology, human and social networks in serviceable cross-culture business to-consumer (B2C) websitesSohaib O; Kang K; Soliman KS
2020Understanding the Key Attributes for a Successful Innovation CultureBurdon S; Kang K; Mooney G; Khosrow-Pour M; Clarke S; Jennex ME; Anttiroiko A-V