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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11A cylindrical expansion of the audio sound for a steerable parametric array loudspeakerZhong, J; Kirby, R; Karimi, M; Zou, H
2020-01A hybrid numerical approach to predict the vibrational responses of panels excited by a turbulent boundary layerKarimi, M; Croaker, P; Maxit, L; Robin, O; Skvortsov, A; Marburg, S; Kessissoglou, N
2021-04-30A Hybrid UWPW-FEM Technique for Vibroacoustic Analysis of Panels Subject to a Turbulent Boundary Layer ExcitationKarimi, M; Maxit, L; Croaker, P; Robin, O; Skvortsov, A; Atalla, N; Kessissoglou, N
2017-01-18Acoustic scattering for 3D multi-directional periodic structures using the boundary element methodKarimi, M; Croaker, P; Kessissoglou, N
2017-05-31Acoustic Scattering for Rotational and Translational Symmetric Structures in Nonuniform Potential FlowKarimi, M; Croaker, P; Peake, N; Kessissoglou, N
2019-07-01Active acoustic cloaking in a convected flow fieldEggler, D; Karimi, M; Kessissoglou, N
2020-05-01Active acoustic cloaking of cylindrical shells in low Mach number flowKerferd, B; Eggler, D; Karimi, M; Kessissoglou, N
2017-04-01An analytical and numerical investigation of acoustic attenuation by a finite sonic crystalMontiel, F; Chung, H; Karimi, M; Kessissoglou, N
2020-05-01Analytical and numerical prediction of acoustic radiation from a panel under turbulent boundary layer excitationKarimi, M; Maxit, L; Croaker, P; Robin, O; Skvortsov, A; Marburg, S; Noureddine, A; Kessissoglou, N
2016-01-06Boundary element solution for periodic acoustic problemsKarimi, M; Croaker, P; Kessissoglou, N
2017-01-01Detecting sound waves generated by leaks in buried water distribution pipesKirby, R; Duan, W; Karimi, M; Brennan, M; Kessissoglou, N
2017-05-03Effect of a serrated trailing edge on sound radiation from nearby quadrupolesKarimi, M; Croaker, P; Kinns, R; Kessissoglou, N
2021-12-01Effect of uncertainty in the balancing weights on the vibration response of a high-speed rotorDatz, J; Karimi, M; Marburg, S
2021-09Efficient solution of block Toeplitz systems with multiple right-hand sides arising from a periodic boundary element formulationJelich, C; Karimi, M; Kessissoglou, N; Marburg, S
2021-04-30Flow Generated Noise Produced by a Blunt Edged Plate in a Water TunnelCroaker, P; Venning, J; Karimi, M; Brandner, PA; Doolan, C; Kessissoglou, N
2017-07-18Integrative Genomics Identifies the Molecular Basis of Resistance to Azacitidine Therapy in Myelodysplastic SyndromesUnnikrishnan, A; Papaemmanuil, E; Beck, D; Deshpande, NP; Verma, A; Kumari, A; Woll, PS; Richards, LA; Knezevic, K; Chandrakanthan, V; Thoms, JAI; Tursky, ML; Huang, Y; Ali, Z; Olivier, J; Galbraith, S; Kulasekararaj, AG; Tobiasson, M; Karimi, M; Pellagatti, A; Wilson, SR; Lindeman, R; Young, B; Ramakrishna, R; Arthur, C; Stark, R; Crispin, P; Curnow, J; Warburton, P; Roncolato, F; Boultwood, J; Lynch, K; Jacobsen, SEW; Mufti, GJ; Hellstrom-Lindberg, E; Wilkins, MR; MacKenzie, KL; Wong, JWH; Campbell, PJ; Pimanda, JE
2019-09-13Noise from a blunt edged flat plate in a reverberant water tunnelCroaker, P; Venning, J; Karimi, M; Brandner, P; Doolan, C; Kessissoglou, N
2020-02-03Noise radiated from a periodically stiffened cylindrical shell excited by a turbulent boundary layerMaxit, L; Guasch, O; Meyer, V; Karimi, M
2021-04-30Noise Radiated from Fluid Loaded Stiffened Cylindrical Shells Subject to a Turbulent Boundary LayerMeyer, V; Maxit, L; Guasch, O; Karimi, M
2020-12Non-negative intensity for planar structures under stochastic excitationKarimi, M; Maxit, L; Meyer, V; Marburg, S; Kirby, R