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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02-01Automating pseudo-static analysis of concrete cantilever retaining wall using evolutionary algorithmsGandomi, AH; Kashani, AR
2021-01-01Chapter 18 A neural network to predict spectral accelerationKashani, AR; Akhani, M; Camp, CV; Gandomi, AH
2018-03-01Construction Cost Minimization of Shallow Foundation Using Recent Swarm Intelligence TechniquesGandomi, AH; Kashani, AR
2021Experimental Comparison of Constraint Handling Schemes in Particle Swarm OptimizationRostamian, M; Kashani, AR; Camp, CV; Gandomi, AH
2019-05-01A hybrid computational intelligence approach to predict spectral accelerationAkhani, M; Kashani, AR; Mousavi, M; Gandomi, AH
2016-01-01Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm: A metaheuristic algorithm for locating the critical slip surface in 2-Dimensional soil slopesKashani, AR; Gandomi, AH; Mousavi, M
2021-06-22Investigating bound handling schemes and parameter settings for the interior search algorithm to solve truss problemsKashani, AR; Chiong, R; Dhakal, S; Gandomi, AH
2022-09-01Multi-objective optimization of reinforced concrete cantilever retaining wall: a comparative studyKashani, AR; Gandomi, AH; Azizi, K; Camp, CV
2017-03-01Optimization of retaining wall design using evolutionary algorithmsGandomi, AH; Kashani, AR; Roke, DA; Mousavi, M
2015-11-15Optimization of retaining wall design using recent swarm intelligence techniquesGandomi, AH; Kashani, AR; Roke, DA; Mousavi, M
2020-08-01Optimum design of reinforced earth walls using evolutionary optimization algorithmsKashani, AR; Saneirad, A; Gandomi, AH
2021Particle Swarm Optimization Variants for Solving Geotechnical Problems: Review and Comparative AnalysisKashani, AR; Chiong, R; Mirjalili, S; Gandomi, AH
2022-01-01Population-based optimization in structural engineering: a reviewKashani, AR; Camp, CV; Rostamian, M; Azizi, K; Gandomi, AH
2018-10-01Probabilistic evolutionary bound constraint handling for particle swarm optimizationGandomi, AH; Kashani, AR
2017-08-10Retaining wall optimization using interior search algorithm with different bound constraint handlingGandomi, AH; Kashani, AR; Zeighami, F
2017-02-10Slope stability analysis using evolutionary optimization techniquesGandomi, AH; Kashani, AR; Mousavi, M; Jalalvandi, M
2021-07-01Spectral acceleration prediction using genetic programming based approachesGandomi, M; Kashani, AR; Farhadi, A; Akhani, M; Gandomi, AH