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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-02-01An Optimized Approach of Dynamic Target Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network Using Bio Inspired Algorithms for Maritime RescueRani, S; Babbar, H; Kaur, P; Alshehri, MD; Shah, SHA
2010Automated Fuzzy Bidding Strategy for Continuous Double Auctions Using Trading Agent's Attitude and Market Competition.Goyal, ML; Kaushik, S; Kaur, P
2010-11-04Automated fuzzy bidding strategy using agent's attitude and market competitionGoyal, M; Kaushik, S; Kaur, P
2018-09-30A Clustering Based approach to End Price predictionKaur, P; Goyal, ML
2017-04-01A Comparison of Bidding Strategies for Online Auctions Using Fuzzy Reasoning and Negotiation Decision FunctionsKaur, P; Goyal, M; Lu, J
2011-08-11Data mining driven agents for predicting online auction's end priceKaur, P; Goyal, M; Lu, J
2014Development of automated dynamic bidding agents for final price prediction in online auctionsKaur, P
2012-11-01An Integrated Model for a Price Forecasting Agent in Online AuctionsKaur, P; Goyal, M; Lu, J
2016Oral Delivery of Antidiabetic Polypeptide-k: Journey so far and the Road Ahead.Kaur, P; Garg, V; Gulati, M; Singh, SK
2012-11-19Price forecasting using dynamic assessment of market conditions and agent's bidding behaviorKaur, P; Goyal, M; Lu, J
2014-09-04A price prediction model for online auctions using fuzzy reasoning techniquesKaur, P; Goyal, M; Lu, J
2012-01-01Pricing analysis in online auctions using clustering and regression tree approachKaur, P; Goyal, M; Lu, J
2013-01A Proficient and Dynamic Bidding Agent for Online AuctionsKaur, P; Goyal, ML; Lu, J; Cao, L; Zeng, Y; Symeonidis, AL; Gorodetsky, VI; Yu, PS; Singh, MP
-Therapeutic potential of NOX inhibitors in neuropsychiatric disordersKaur, P; Khan, H; Grewal, AK; Dua, K; Singh, TG
-Unraveling the role of glial cell line–derived neurotrophic factor in the treatment of Parkinson’s diseaseKakoty, V; Sarathlal, KC; Kaur, P; Wadhwa, P; Vishwas, S; Khan, FR; Alhazmi, AYM; Almasoudi, HH; Gupta, G; Chellappan, DK; Paudel, KR; Kumar, D; Dua, K; Singh, SK
2023-03-01Waste to high-value products: The performance and potential of carboxymethylcellulose hydrogels via the circular economyKaur, P; Bohidar, HB; Nisbet, DR; Pfeffer, FM; Rifai, A; Williams, R; Agrawal, R