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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Differences in substance use between sexual orientations in a multi-country sample: Findings from the Global Drug Survey 2015Demant, D; Hides, L; Kavanagh, DJ; White, KM; Winstock, AR; Ferris, J
2018-06-01Effects of participation in and connectedness to the LGBT community on substance use involvement of sexual minority young peopleDemant, D; Hides, L; White, KM; Kavanagh, DJ
2010-04-21An explorative qualitative analysis of participants' experience of using kava versus placebo in an RCTSarris, J; Adams, J; Kavanagh, DJ
2013-04-05IntroductionKing, R; Lloyd, C; Meehan, T; Deane, FP; Kavanagh, DJ
2009-06-01Kava Anxiety Depression Spectrum Study (KADSS): A mixed methods RCT using an aqueous extract of Piper methysticumSarris, J; Kavanagh, DJ; Adams, J; Bone, K; Byrne, G
2009-08-01The Kava Anxiety Depression Spectrum Study (KADSS): A randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial using an aqueous extract of Piper methysticumSarris, J; Kavanagh, DJ; Byrne, G; Bone, KM; Adams, J; Deed, G
2018-09-01LGBT communities and substance use in Queensland, Australia: Perceptions of young people and community stakeholdersDemant, D; Hides, L; White, KM; Kavanagh, DJ
2000-01-01Novel educational training program for community pharmacistsDe Almeida Neto, AC; Benrimoj, SI; Kavanagh, DJ; Boakes, RA
2020-11User characteristics and outcomes from a national digital mental health service: an observational study of registrants of the Australian MindSpot Clinic.Titov, N; Dear, BF; Nielssen, O; Wootton, B; Kayrouz, R; Karin, E; Genest, B; Bennett-Levy, J; Purtell, C; Bezuidenhout, G; Tan, R; Minissale, C; Thadhani, P; Webb, N; Willcock, S; Andersson, G; Hadjistavropoulos, HD; Mohr, DC; Kavanagh, DJ; Cross, S; Staples, LG
-Young people’s perceptions of substance use norms and attitudes in the LGBT communityDemant, D; Hides, LM; Kavanagh, DJ; White, KM