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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01Accounting for the Growth of MNC-Based Trade Using a Structural Model of U.S. MNCsFeinberg, SE; Keane, M
2016-01-01Adverse selection, moral hazard and the demand for Medigap insuranceKeane, M; Stavrunova, O
1994-01-01Alternative computational approaches to inference in the multinomial probit modelGeweke, J; Keane, M; Runkle, D
1989-01Are Economic Forecasts Rational?Keane, M; Runkle, D
1998-01Are Financial Analysts Forecasts Of Corporate Profits Rational?Keane, M; Runkle, D
2004-01Assessing the Impact of Welfare Reform on Single MothersFang, H; Keane, M
2006-01Bayesian Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Conditional Distrubution of Earnings of Men in the USA (1967-1996)Keane, M; Geweke, J; Upadhyay, SK; Singh, U; Dey, DK
2004-01Behavior in a Dynamic Decision Problem: An Analysis of Experimental Evidence Using a Bayesian Type Classification AlgorithmHouser, DE; Keane, M; McCabe, K
2008-01Behavioral Frontiers in Choice ModelingAdamowicz, V; Bunch, DS; Cameron, TA; Dellaert, BG; Hanemann, WM; Keane, M; Louviere, JJ; Meyer, RJ; Steenburgh, T; Swait, JRJD
2003-01Brand and Quantity Choice Dynamics Under Price UncertaintyErdem, T; Imai, S; Keane, M
2006-01Changes in the Structure of Earnings During the Polish TransitionKeane, M; Prasad, E
2013-09-01Comparing alternative models of heterogeneity in consumer choice behaviorKeane, M; Wasi, N
1994-01A Computationally Practical Simulation Estimator For Panel-dataKeane, M
2001-01Consumption and Income Inequality During the Transition to a Market Economy: Poland, 1985 1992Keane, M; Prasad, E
1996-01Decision-making Under Uncertainty: Capturing Dynamic Brand Choice Processes In Turbulent Consumer Goods MarketsErdem, T; Keane, M
2013-01A dynamic equilibrium model of the US wage structure, 1968-1996Johnson, M; Keane, M
2001-01The Effect of Parental Transfers and Borrowing Constraints on Educational AttainmentKeane, M; Wolpin, KI
2002-01Estimating Welfare Effects Consistent with Forward-Looking Behavior. Part I: Lessons from a Simulation ExerciseKeane, M; Wolpin, KI
2002-01Estimating Welfare Effects Consistent with Forward-Looking Behavior. Part II: Empirical ResultsKeane, M; Wolpin, KI
1995-01A Factor-analytic Probit Model For Representing The Market-structure In Panel-dataElrod, T; Keane, M