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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-05-01A decade of measuring on-road vehicle emissions with remote sensing in AustraliaSmit, R; Bainbridge, S; Kennedy, D; Kingston, P
2022-04-01Bouncing off Each Other: Experiencing Interprofessional Collaboration Through SimulationHayes, C; Power, T; Forrest, G; Ferguson, C; Kennedy, D; Freeman-Sanderson, A; Courtney-Harris, M; Hemsley, B; Lucas, C
2004-05-01Characterization of a complex chemosensory signal transduction system which controls twitching motility in Pseudomonas aeruginosaWhitchurch, CB; Leech, AJ; Young, MD; Kennedy, D; Sargent, JL; Bertrand, JJ; Semmler, ABT; Mellick, AS; Martin, PR; Alm, RA; Hobbs, M; Beatson, SA; Huang, B; Nguyen, L; Commolli, JC; Engel, JN; Darzins, A; Mattick, JS
2022-01Comparison between 2000 and 2018 on the reporting of statistical significance and clinical relevance in physiotherapy clinical trials in six major physiotherapy journals: a meta-research designVerhagen, A; Stubbs, PW; Mehta, P; Kennedy, D; Nasser, AM; Quel de Oliveira, C; Pate, JW; Skinner, IW; McCambridge, AB
2015Evidence for the invalidity of the Wingate test for the assessment of peak power, power decrement and muscular fatigueKennedy, D; Robergs, RA; Gibson, A; Zuhi, M; Hsu, HS; Beam, J; Salgado, RM; White, AC; Majumdar, A; Lawson, S; Estrada, E; Sierra, G
2020-03-01Measuring on-Road Vehicle Hot Running NOxEmissions with a Combined RemoteSensing–Dynamometer StudySmit, R; Kennedy, D
2009-04-01Mother safe: Review of three years of counselling by an australian teratology information serviceLim, JM; Sullivan, E; Kennedy, D
2019-08-09Proprioception in unilateral neglect after stroke – A systematic reviewFisher, G; Kennedy, D; Quel De Oliveira, C; Gandevia, S