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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-01Application of the Webqual Instrument to Three Australian B2C Websites: An Exploratory InvestigationCarlson, J; Sinnappan, S; Voola, R; Kennedy, R
2003-01Archetypal analysis: a new way to segment markets based on extreme individualsLi, S; Wang, PZ; Louviere, JJ; Carson, R; Kennedy, R
2003-01Assessing consumer vanity in Australia and ChinaWang, PZ; Kennedy, R
2003-01Functional conflict and the effectiveness of marketing manager/sales manager working relationshipsMassey, GR; Dawes, PL; Kennedy, R
2004-01A Highly Accurate Algorithm for the Estimation of the Frequency of a Complex Exponential in Additive Gaussian NoiseReisenfeld, S; Kennedy, R; Grant, A
2003-01In defence of HofstedeDawson, BK; Young, LC; Kennedy, R
2003-01Is Aldersonian theory relevant in today's contexts? - an illustrative caseHota, M; Young, LC; Kennedy, R
2003-01Managing innovation in marketing partnershipsBucic, T; Gudergan, S; Kennedy, R
2003-01Modelling a hierarchy of consumer decision states: the choice of island holiday destinations and dvd playersLouviere, JJ; Waller, DS; Smith, M; Kennedy, R
2003-01Place marketing buyer behaviour: a model of Australian convention sitesCrouch, GI; Louviere, JJ; Kennedy, R
2003-01A positive attitude-ad-brand relationship by customising banner advertisement design - an empirical studyLee, KP; Miller, K; Kennedy, R
2003-01Sevice quality of entertainment parks in Vietnam: a replication studyNguyen, DT; Barrett, NJ; Trang, NT; Kennedy, R
2003-01Transformation in the emerging networked economy: implications for strategic marketingPerrott, B; Kennedy, R