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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-12A visit with Viv: Empathising with a digital human character embodying the lived experiences of dementia.Papadopoulos, C; Kenning, G; Bennett, J; Kuchelmeister, V; Ginnivan, N; Neidorf, M
2019-04-22Chronic health: if not us then who? A review of an exhibition exploring the assistive, speculative, provocative and challenging role of design for health — Embassy of Health, Dutch Design WeekKenning, G
2017-11-02Conversations at the edge of play: media, communication and cultural intersections with dementiaKenning, G; Treadaway, C
2021-06-16Creating a Social Learning Environment for and by Older Adults in the Use and Adoption of Smartphone Technology to Age in PlaceHaan, MD; Brankaert, R; Kenning, G; Lu, Y
2015-01-01Creative craft-based textile activity in the age of digital systems and practicesKenning, G
2018-01-01Designing for dementia: Iterative grief and transitional objectsKenning, G; Treadaway, C
2019Designing for playfulness through compassion: design for advanced dementiaTreadaway, C; Fennell, J; Taylor, A; Kenning, G
2014-01-01Designing for positive emotion: Ludic artifacts to support wellbeing for people with dementiaTreadaway, C; Kenning, G; Coleman, S
2014-08-01E-Electioneering 2007-13: Trends in online political campaigns over three electionsMacnamara, J; Kenning, G
2011-05-01E-electioneering 2010: Trends in social media use in Australian political communicationMacNamara, J; Kenning, G
2018-04-21Everyday Sounds of Dementia: Design with and for dementiaEggen, B; Brankaert, R; Bakker, S; Kenning, G
2021Exploring How a Multisensory Media Album Can Support Dementia Care Staffde Groot, W; Kenning, G; van den Hoven, E; Eggen, B
2019-06-18Foregrounding everyday sounds in dementiaHouben, M; Brankaert, R; Bakker, S; Kenning, G; Bongers, I; Eggen, B
2015-01-01Hand i Pockets: Creativity, playfulness and funKillick, J; Kenning, G
2015-04-30Hand i pockets; playfulness, fun and dementiaKillick, J; Kenning, G
2019-01-01Improvisation and Reciprocal Design: Soundplay for DementiaKenning, G; Ilsar, A; Brankaert, R; Evans, M
2016-06-30In the moment: designing for late stage dementiaTreadaway, C; Prytherch, D; Kenning, G; Fennell, J
2017-10-01In the moment: designing for late stage dementiaTreadaway, C; Prytherch, D; Kenning, G; Fennell, J
2020-10-26Inclusive improvisation through sound and movement mapping: From DMI to ADMIIlsar, A; Kenning, G
2021-10-07Intergenerational Practice in the Community—What Does the Community Think?Kenning, G; Ee, N; Xu, Y; Luu, BL; Ward, SA; Goldwater, MB; Lewis, E; Radford, K; Anstey, KJ; Lautenschlager, NT; Fitzgerald, JA; Rockwood, K; Peters, R