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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01Bringing History Forward: Learning from Historical Context when Translating Contemporary Health Evidence into Planning PracticePaine, G; Thompson, S; Prior, J; Connon, I; Kent, JL
2018-10-02Commercial Car Sharing, Complaints and Coping: Does Sharing Need Willingness?Kent, JL; Dowling, R
2019-04-07Conceptualising health for understanding healthy higher density living: A systematic narrative literature reviewConnon, ILC; Prior, J; Kent, JL; Thomas, L; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Capon, A; Rissel, C; Thompson, SM
2019-12-20Health and Planning for Victoria Park and Green Square Town Centre: A Contextual Review of Planning Strategy DocumentsPaine, G; Goh, L; Connon, I; Prior, J; Thompson, S; Kent, JL; Rissel, C; Thomas, L; Adams, J; Capon, A; McIntyre, E
2018-10-31Healthy Higher Density Living: A Review of the LiteratureConnon, ILC; Prior, JH; Kent, JL; Thomas, L; Thompson, SM; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Capon, A; Rissel, C; Westcott, H
2018-01-02Influencing Urban Planning Policy: An Exploration from the Perspective of Public HealthKent, JL; Harris, P; Sainsbury, P; Baum, F; McCue, P; Thompson, S
2017-12-01Riding with dogs in cars: What can it teach us about transport practices and policy?Kent, JL; Mulley, C
2018-01-01Sharing as sociomaterial practice: Car sharing and the material reconstitution of automobilityDowling, R; Maalsen, S; Kent, JL
2018-01-01Transport disadvantage, social exclusion, and subjective well-being: The role of the neighborhood environment—evidence from Sydney, AustraliaMa, L; Kent, JL; Mulley, C
2019-08-08What Evidence is Available to Translate into Planning Strategies for Healthy Higher Density Living?Connon, I; Prior, J; Kent, JL; Thompson, S; Rissel, C; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Capon, A; Thomas, L; Westcott, H
2019-12-03What Types of Evidence are Available for Translating Health Evidence into Planning Strategies for Higher Density Living? A Review of the LiteratureConnon, I; Prior, J; Kent, JL; Goh, L