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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Absolutely Ethical? Irony, subversion and prescience in Absolutely FabulousKhamis, S; Hulme, A
2019-11-01The aestheticization of restraint: The popular appeal of de-cluttering after the global financial crisisKhamis, S
2012-03-01Brand Australia: Half-truths for a hard sellKhamis, S
2016Brand IKEA in a Global Cultural Economy: A Case StudyKhamis, S; Muratovski, G
2018-06-26Brands and brandingBaldacchino, G; Khamis, S; Baldacchino, G
2011-02-16A case study in compromise: The Green & Black’s brand of ethical chocolateKhamis, S
2020-12-07Coke and the Super BowlKhamis, S
2014-01-01Completing the loop: Returning learning analytics to teachersKennedy, G; Corrin, L; Lockyer, L; Dawson, S; Williams, D; Mulder, R; Khamis, S; Copeland, S
2015Effeminacy and Expertise, Excess and Equality: Gay Best Friends as Consumers and Commodities in Contemporary TelevisionKhamis, S; Lambert, A; Hulme, A
2015Fleeting and Partial Autonomy: A historical account of quasi-micronational initiatives on Lundy Island and their contemporary reconfiguration on MicroWikiKhamis, S; Hayward, P
2023-03-20Indigenous Research Methods to Build an Uncontested Space for Marketing InsightChan, K; Khamis, S; Taylor, M; Waller, D
2016-01-01The ironic marketing of heritage and nostalgia: the branding of Bushells tea, 1983-c.1990Khamis, S
2011"Lundy's hard work": branding, biodiversity and a "unique island experience"Khamis, S
2013Mastering the Brand: how 'ordinary' cooks achieve extraordinary (cookbook) successKhamis, S
2022-01-01Nafada: industrial, hip-hop, and the diasporic conditionKhamis, S; collins, S; Gunn, R; Whittaker, J; Potter, E
2012Nespresso: Branding the "Ultimate Coffee Experience"Khamis, S
2012-06-07Putting the tea in Australia: The Bushells brand 1998–2006Khamis, S
2017-07-06Representing the veil in contemporary Australian media: From 'ban the burqa' to 'hijabi' bloggersProdanovic, B; Khamis, S
2017-04-03Self-branding, ‘micro-celebrity’ and the rise of Social Media InfluencersKhamis, S; Ang, L; Welling, R
2021-05-01Sonic branding and the aesthetic infrastructure of everyday consumptionKhamis, S; Keogh, B