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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Adaptive one-class support vector machine for damage detection in structural health monitoringAnaissi, A; Khoa, NLD; Mustapha, S; Alamdari, MM; Braytee, A; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2018-11-01Adaptive online one-class support vector machines with applications in structural health monitoringAnaissi, A; Khoa, NLD; Rakotoarivelo, T; Alamdari, MM; Wang, Y
2016-01-01Characterization of gradually evolving structural deterioration in jack arch bridges using support vector machineAlamdari, MM; Khoa, NLD; Runcie, P; Li, J; Mustapha, S
2016-07-01A clustering approach for structural health monitoring on bridgesDiez, A; Khoa, NLD; Makki Alamdari, M; Wang, Y; Chen, F; Runcie, P
2019-11-03Concept drift adaption for online anomaly detection in structural health monitoringTian, H; Khoa, NLD; Anaissi, A; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2016-10-24On structural health monitoring using tensor analysis and support vector machine with artificial negative dataCheema, P; Khoa, NLD; Alamdari, MM; Liu, W; Wang, Y; Chen, F; Runcic, P
2019-01-01Online data fusion using incremental tensor learningKhoa, NLD; Tian, H; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2019-02-13Smart pothole detection system using vehicle-mounted sensors and machine learningAnaissi, A; Khoa, NLD; Rakotoarivelo, T; Alamdari, MM; Wang, Y
2017-03-15A spectral-based clustering for structural health monitoring of the Sydney Harbour BridgeAlamdari, MM; Rakotoarivelo, T; Khoa, NLD
2018-01-02A tensor-based structural damage identification and severity assessmentAnaissi, A; Makki Alamdari, M; Rakotoarivelo, T; Khoa, NLD