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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07-01Advancing project and portfolio management research: Applying strategic management theoriesKillen, CP; Jugdev, K; Drouin, N; Petit, Y
2006-01Benchmarking Innovation Portfolio Management Practices: Methods and OutcomesKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Kleinschmidt, E; Zedtwitz, M; Wei, X
2015-11-01Business Case Control in Project Portfolios - An Empirical Investigation of Performance Consequences and Moderating EffectsKopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemunden, HG
2014Business Case Control: The Key to Project Portfolio Success or Merely a Matter of Form?Kopmann, J; Kock, A; Killen, CP; Gemuenden, HG; EURAM
2013-01Centered or dispersed? Supporting innovation strategy through a deeper understanding of perceived innovativeness in product portfoliosUrhahn, C; Spieth, P; Killen, CP; University, G; EURAM
2014-02-04A comparison of the effectiveness of entrepreneurial education approachesLogan, J; Killen, CP
2004-01Cooperative Competitive Strategies: An Australian Case StudyKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Ayres, B; Janssen, C
2004-01Cooperative Competitive Strategies: Australian Electronics Cluster DevelopmentKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Hosni, Y
2016-01-01Cues: How power influences behaviour in project portfolio managementWynn, C; Smith, L; Killen, CP
2009-01Development of a Virtual Professional Learning Laboratory for Quality Function DeploymentHunt, R; Killen, CP; Enriquez, FT
2007-01Dynamic Capabilities: Innovation Project Portfolio ManagementKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Kleinschmidt, E; Chapman Ross
2010-01-26Dynamic capability through project portfolio management in service and manufacturing industriesKillen, CP; Hunt, RA
2010-01Dynamic capability: Understanding the Relationship Between Project Portfolio Management Capability and Competitive AdvantageKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Program Committee
2005-01Engineering Enterprise through IP Education: What is needed?McLaughlan, RG; Killen, CP; Soetendorp, R; Roach, J; Childs, WG; Radcliffe, D; Humphries, J
2012-01Evaluation of project interdependency visualizations through decision scenario experimentationKillen, CP; EURAM
2013-01-01Evaluation of project interdependency visualizations through decision scenario experimentationKillen, CP
2009-01Exploring Project Portfolio Management Decisions: The role of intuition and entrepreneurship in project portfolio outcomesPaternoster, GJ; Hunt, R; Killen, CP; APIC
2011-01Eyes Wide Shut: Expanding the view of portfolio managementYoung, M; Killen, CP; Young, R; Australian Institute of Project Management, AIPM
2005-01Innovation in Cross-Faculty Education: Engineering and ScienceKillen, CP; Ford, M; Radcliffe, D; Humphries, J
2008-01Learning investments and organizational capabilities: case studies on the development of project portfolio management capabilitiesKillen, CP; Hunt, R; Kleinschmidt, E