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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011ArachnoServer 2.0, an updated online resource for spider toxin sequences and structuresHerzig, V; Wood, D; Newell, F; Chaumeil, P; Kaas, Q; Binford, G; Nicholson, G; Gorse, D; King, G
2017-12A circadian based inflammatory response – implications for respiratory disease and treatmentComas, M; Gordon, CJ; Oliver, BG; Stow, NW; King, G; Sharma, P; Ammit, AJ; Grunstein, RR; Phillips, CL
2014-01-01The formulation, chemical and physical characterisation of clarithromycin-based macrolide solution pressurised metered dose inhalerSaadat, A; Zhu, B; Haghi, M; King, G; Colombo, G; Young, PM; Traini, D
2021-01-01Genetic and Pharmacological Studies Reveal Acid Sensing Ion Channel 1a as a Novel Therapeutic Target Against Cardiac Ischaemia-Reperfusion InjuryRedd, M; Scheuer, S; Saez, N; Yoshikawa, Y; Chiu, H; Gao, L; Hicks, M; Villanueva, J; Cuellar-Partida, G; Peart, J; Hoe, LS; Chen, X; Sun, Y; Suen, J; Hatch, R; Rollo, B; Alzubaidi, M; Maljevic, S; Quaife-Ryan, G; Hudson, J; Porrello, E; White, M; Cordwell, S; Fraser, J; Petrou, S; Reichelt, M; Thomas, W; King, G; Macdonald, P; Palpant, N
2020-05Long-Term Variability in Oscillatory Impedance in Stable Obstructive Airways DiseasesRutting, S; Roche, N; Wallis, R; Sanai, F; Mascarenhas, S; Handley, B; Schoeffel, R; Thamrin, C; Chapman, D; King, G
2018-03-01LUNG ELASTIC RECOIL, INFLAMMATION AND PERSISTENT AIRFLOW LIMITATION IN ASTHMATonga, K; Farah, C; Thamrin, C; Tang, F; Santos, J; Sharma, P; Oliver, B; King, G
2018-09-29Obesity and lung function: From childhood to adulthoodChapman, D; King, G; Forno, E
2018-01-01Persistent Airflow Limitation, Lung Elastic Recoil and Inflammation in Older Non-Smokers with AsthmaTonga, K; Farah, CS; Thamrin, C; Tang, F; Santos, J; Sharma, P; Oliver, B; King, G
2012Spider-venom peptides as bioinsecticidesWindley, M; Herzig, V; Dziemborowicz, S; Hardy, M; King, G; Nicholson, G
2013Unravelling the complex venom landscapes of lethal Australian funnel-web spiders (Hexathelidae: Atracinae) using LC-MALDI-TOF mass spectrometryKing, G; Escoubas, P; Leblanc, M; Palagi, A; Wilson, D; Dutertre, S; Koh, J; Nicholson, G