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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Advertising of fast-food to children on Australian television: Impact of industry self-regulation.Hebden, LA; King, L; Grunseit, A; Kelly, B; Chapman, K
2011-08-01Australian print news media coverage of sweet, non-alcoholic drinks sends mixed health messagesBonfiglioli, C; Hattersley, L; King, L
2019BarrawaoBurrell, A; Foster, S; Hendery, R; Hromek, D; King, L
2022-01-30Defrosted dust: exploring human microbial relations in AntarcticaGrau, U; King, L
2022-01-03Defrosting microbial dust: the politics of soil of AntarcticaKing, L
2012-10-01Effectiveness of Australia's Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service®: Translational research with population wide impactO'Hara, BJ; Phongsavan, P; Venugopal, K; Eakin, EG; Eggins, D; Caterson, H; King, L; Allman-Farinelli, M; Haas, M; Bauman, AE
2021-10-06Encounters in the melt; a tale of three glaciers in the Polar SouthKing, L; Tamsin, S
2013-05-01Evaluation Framework for Translational Research: Case Study of Australia's Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service®O'Hara, BJ; Bauman, AE; Eakin, EG; King, L; Haas, M; Allman-Farinelli, M; Owen, N; Cardona-Morell, M; Farrell, L; Milat, AJ; Phongsavan, P
2018-12-03The Exotic Terrains – grounding critical walking practice in the post-AnthropoceneKing, L
2013-06-01A fizzy environment: Availability and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages among school studentsHebden, L; Hector, D; Hardy, LL; King, L
2021-08-01Floraciones de la corriente de Humboldt: cuatro ejemplos de la vivacidad de las plantas errantesKing, L; Salehian, T
2013-06-01Investigating the media power of a population health monitoring survey: Case study of the NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (SPANS)Espinel, PT; Laws, R; Bonfiglioli, C; Hardy, LL; King, L
2019-09-01Lost Rocks: MarbleKing, L; Kinniburgh, J
2008-12-01Mapping solutions to obesity: Lessons from the Human Genome ProjectBonfiglioli, CMF; Allman-Farinelli, MA; King, L; Bauman, AE
2021-11-05Melt: encountering Antarctica through remote sensing technologyKing, L; Tamsin, S
2021Melt; Encountering Antarctica through remote sensing technologyKing, L
2007-01Obesity in the media: political hot potato or human interest story?Bonfiglioli, C; King, L; Chapman, S; Smith, BJ; Holding, S
2011-01Risky exercise - is physical activity losing the news race?Bonfiglioli, C; Smith, BJ; King, L; Chapman, S; Holding, S; Bauman, A
-Sites of SignificanceKing, L
2013-08-01Socio-cultural differences in Australian primary school children's weight and weight-related behavioursHardy, LL; King, L; Hector, D; Baur, LA