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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Change strategies for educational transformationReidsema, C; Hadgraft, R; Cameron, I; King, R
1-Jan-2014Experiences of Countertransference: Reports of Clinical Psychology StudentsCartwright, C; Rhodes, P; King, R; Shires, A
5-Apr-2013IntroductionKing, R; Lloyd, C; Meehan, T; Deane, FP; Kavanagh, DJ
Jan-2010Part Time Study Distorts Student Attrition Rates in Engineering ProgramsGibbings, P; Godfrey, E; King, R; Wandel, W; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
1-Jan-2015A Pilot Study of a Method for Teaching Clinical Psychology Trainees to Conceptualise and Manage CountertransferenceCartwright, C; Rhodes, P; King, R; Shires, A
Jan-2010Scoping the Opportunities to Aid Recruitment and Retention of Indigenous Students in EngineeringGodfrey, E; King, R; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
1-Nov-2011Spotted fever group rickettsiae in ticks collected from wild animals in IsraelKeysary, A; Eremeeva, ME; Leitner, M; Din, AB; Wikswo, ME; Mumcuoglu, KY; Inbar, M; Wallach, AD; Shanas, U; King, R; Waner, T
1-Jan-2018Turning microplastics into nanoplastics through digestive fragmentation by Antarctic krillDawson, AL; Kawaguchi, S; King, CK; Townsend, KA; King, R; Huston, WM; Bengtson Nash, SM
2010Who leaves and when do they go? Retention and attrition in engineering educationAubrey, T; Crosthwaite, C; King, R; Godfrey, E; FIE Steering Committee
1-Dec-2010Who leaves and who stays? Retention and attrition in engineering educationGodfrey, E; Aubrey, T; King, R