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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Academic Ambassadors, Pacific Allies: the Australia America and the Fulbright ProgramKirkby, D; Garner, A
1-Dec-2018“Barmaids, attendants and servants of various kinds”: Women hotel workers in Australia, 1790-1990,Kirkby, D
1-May-2017Connecting work identity and politics in the internationalism of 'seafarers ⋯ who share the seas'Kirkby, D
1-Jan-2012'Destitute of the knowledge of God': Maori Testimony Before the New Zealand Courts in the Early Crown Colony PeriodDorsett, S; Kirkby, D
1-Jan-2017EditorialKirkby, D
2018‘in not a few respects, a common history’: Women, Wartime Lawmaking, and the Prosecution of Dissenters’Kirkby, D; Patmore, G; Stromquist, S
1-Nov-2017Indian Seamen and Australian Unions Fighting for Labour Rights: "The Real Facts of the Lascars' Case" of 1939Kirkby, D; Monk, L-A
1-Nov-2017Indian seamen and Australian unions fighting for labour rights: "The Real Facts of the Lascars' Case" of 1939Kirkby, D; Monk, LA
1-Mar-2013Never a machine for propaganda? the Australian-American fulbright program and Australia's Cold WarGarner, A; Kirkby, D
1-Jan-2012Parental 'Consent' to Child Removal in Stolen Generations CasesAnthony, T; van Rijswijk, H; Kirkby, D
1-May-2016Pursuing trade union internationalism: Australia's Waterside Workers and the International Transport Workers Federation, c. 1950-70Kirkby, D; Ostapenko, D
1-Apr-2019‘Second to none in the international fight’: Australian seafarers internationalism and maritime unions against apartheidKirkby, D; Ostapenko, D
Jun-2011Sex Discrimination, Workplace Opportunities and Law’s Transformative PromiseKirkby, D
1-Jan-2016Social movements, internationalism and the cold war: Perspectives on labour historyKirkby, D; Scalmer, S
1-Jan-2012Spain's 'pact of silence' and the Removal of Franco's StatuesHadzelek, A; Kirkby, D
25-Sep-2013"Those knights of the pen and pencil": Women journalists and cultural leadership of the women's movement in Australia and the United StatesKirkby, D
2018When ‘Magna Carta Was Suspended’: National Security and the Challenge to Freedom of Speech in Australia 1914-19Kirkby, D; MacMillan, C
2018Women Modernists Gendering Leadership in Australian Art in the 1930s and 1940s,Kirkby, D; Jordan, C