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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Birdspotter: A Tool for Analyzing and Labeling Twitter UsersRam, R; Kong, Q; Rizoiu, M-A
2022-07-01Efficient Inference for Dynamic Flexible Interactions of Neural PopulationsZhou, F; Kong, Q; Deng, Z; Kan, J; Zhang, Y; Feng, C; Zhu, J
2021-06-01Emerging artificial nitrogen cycle processes through novel electrochemical and photochemical synthesisHao, D; Liu, Y; Gao, S; Arandiyan, H; Bai, X; Kong, Q; Wei, W; Shen, PK; Ni, BJ
2014-08-30Enhancement of aerobic granulation by zero-valent iron in sequencing batch airlift reactorKong, Q; Ngo, HH; Shu, L; Fu, RS; Jiang, CH; Miao, MS
-Evently: Modeling and Analyzing Reshare Cascades with Hawkes ProcessesKong, Q; Ram, R; Rizoiu, M-A
-Exploiting Uncertainty in Popularity Prediction of Information Diffusion Cascades Using Self-exciting Point ProcessesKong, Q; Rizoiu, M-A; Xie, L
2022-11-25Interval-censored Transformer Hawkes: Detecting Information Operations using the Reaction of Social SystemsKong, Q; Calderon, P; Ram, R; Boichak, O; Rizoiu, M-A
2020-01-20Modeling information cascades with self-exciting processes via generalized epidemic modelsKong, Q; Rizoiu, MA; Xie, L
2022Neural Sound Field Decomposition with Super-resolution of Sound DirectionKong, Q; Liu, S; Shi, J; Ye, X; Cao, Y; Zhu, Q; Xu, Y; Wang, Y
2017-01-01Nitrogen removal and nitrous oxide emission in surface flow constructed wetlands for treating sewage treatment plant effluent: Effect of C/N ratiosLi, M; Wu, H; Zhang, J; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Kong, Q
2013-11-01Nitrous oxide emission in an aerobic granulation sequencing batch airlift reactor at ambient temperaturesKong, Q; Zhang, J; Ngo, HH; Ni, S; Fu, R; Guo, W; Guo, N; Tian, L
2019-02-01Performance of constructed wetlands and associated mechanisms of PAHs removal with musselsKang, Y; Xie, H; Li, B; Zhang, J; Hao Ngo, H; Guo, W; Guo, Z; Kong, Q; Liang, S; Liu, J; Cheng, T; Zhang, L
2021-03-15Phosphorus removal performance of microbial-enhanced constructed wetlands that treat saline wastewaterWang, Q; Ding, J; Xie, H; Hao, D; Du, Y; Zhao, C; Xu, F; Kong, Q; Wang, B
2018-01-01SIR-Hawkes: Linking Epidemic Models and Hawkes Processes to Model Diffusions in Finite PopulationsRizoiu, M-A; Mishra, S; Kong, Q; Carman, M; Xie, L
2022-05-31Slipping to the Extreme: A Mixed Method to Explain How Extreme Opinions Infiltrate Online DiscussionsKong, Q; Booth, E; Bailo, F; Johns, A; Rizoiu, MA
2023-01-01Transformer-based Autoencoder with ID Constraint for Unsupervised Anomalous Sound DetectionGuan, J; Liu, Y; Kong, Q; Xiao, F; Zhu, Q; Tian, J; Wang, W
-Will This Video Go Viral? Explaining and Predicting the Popularity of Youtube VideosKong, Q; Rizoiu, M-A; Wu, S; Xie, L