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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12-01Fabrication of smart magnetic nanocomposite asymmetric membrane capsules for the controlled release of nitrateEmami, N; Razmjou, A; Noorisafa, F; Korayem, AH; Zarrabi, A; Ji, C
2022-09-15Heterogeneous asymmetric passable cavities within graphene oxide nanochannels for highly efficient lithium sievingAhmadi, H; Zakertabrizi, M; Hosseini, E; Cha-Umpong, W; Abdollahzadeh, M; Korayem, AH; Chen, V; Shon, HK; Asadnia, M; Razmjou, A
2021Incorporation of Natural Lithium-Ion Trappers into Graphene Oxide NanosheetsAhmadi, H; Hosseini, E; Cha-Umpong, W; Abdollahzadeh, M; Korayem, AH; Razmjou, A; Chen, V; Asadnia, M
2021-01-15Insight from perfectly selective and ultrafast proton transport through anhydrous asymmetrical graphene oxide membranes under Grotthuss mechanismZakertabrizi, M; Hosseini, E; Korayem, AH; Razmjou, A; Fane, AG; Chen, V
2020-02-10Integrally hydrophobic cementitious composites made with waste amorphous carbon powderShahbazi, R; Korayem, AH; Razmjou, A; Duan, WH; Wang, CM; Justnes, H
2019-08-01Lithium ion-selective membrane with 2D subnanometer channels.Razmjou, A; Eshaghi, G; Orooji, Y; Hosseini, E; Korayem, AH; Mohagheghian, F; Boroumand, Y; Noorbakhsh, A; Asadnia, M; Chen, V
2021-04-15Low humid transport of anions in layered double hydroxides membranes using polydopamine coatingAbdollahzadeh, M; Hosseini, E; Ahmadi, H; Lim, S; Korayem, AH; Razmjou, A; Asadnia, M
2020-03-15New molecular understanding of hydrated ion trapping mechanism during thermally-driven desalination by pervaporation using GO membraneCha-Umpong, W; Hosseini, E; Razmjou, A; Zakertabrizi, M; Korayem, AH; Chen, V
2016-09-21Surface modification of polyurethane via creating a biocompatible superhydrophilic nanostructured layer: role of surface chemistry and structureNoorisafa, F; Razmjou, A; Emami, N; Low, ZX; Korayem, AH; Kajani, AA
2021-12-01The effect of D-spacing on the ion selectivity performance of MXene membraneArshadi, F; Mohammad, M; Hosseini, E; Ahmadi, H; Asadnia, M; Orooji, Y; Korayem, AH; Noorbakhsh, A; Razmjou, A
2023-03-15UiO-66-(COONa)<inf>2</inf> membrane with programmable ionic channels for lithium ion-selective transportXiao, H; Chai, M; Hosseini, A; Korayem, AH; Abdollahzadeh, M; Ahmadi, H; Chen, V; Gore, DB; Asadnia, M; Razmjou, A