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2024-03-26Designing a standardised emergency nurse career pathway for use across rural, regional and metropolitan New South Wales, Australia: A consensus process.Curtis, K; Murphy, M; Kourouche, S; Hughes, D; Casey, L; Gawthorne, J; Berendsen-Russell, S; Couttie, T; Skelly, D; Williams, N; Shaban, RZ; Fry, M; Kloger, R; Rheinberger, J; Aggar, C; Considine, J
2024-05Does improved patient care lead to higher treatment costs? A multicentre cost evaluation of a blunt chest injury care bundle.Kourouche, S; Curtis, K; Considine, J; Fry, M; Mitchell, R; Shaban, RZ; Sivabalan, P; Bedford, D
2022-09Effect of an intervention for patients 65 years and older with blunt chest injury: Patient and health service outcomes.Curtis, K; Kourouche, S; Asha, S; Buckley, T; Considine, J; Middleton, S; Mitchell, R; Munroe, B; Shaban, RZ; Lam, M; Fry, M
2021-01Impact of a care bundle for patients with blunt chest injury (ChIP): A multicentre controlled implementation evaluation.Curtis, K; Kourouche, S; Asha, S; Considine, J; Fry, M; Middleton, S; Mitchell, R; Munroe, B; Shaban, RZ; D'Amato, A; Skinner, C; Wiseman, G; Buckley, T
2023-01-17Implementation evaluation of an evidence-based emergency nursing framework (HIRAID): study protocol for a step-wedge randomised control trial.Curtis, K; Fry, M; Kourouche, S; Kennedy, B; Considine, J; Alkhouri, H; Lam, M; McPhail, SM; Aggar, C; Hughes, J; Murphy, M; Dinh, M; Shaban, R
2021-06-01Implementation of a hospital-wide multidisciplinary blunt chest injury care bundle (ChIP): Fidelity of delivery evaluationKourouche, S; Curtis, K; Munroe, B; Asha, SE; Carey, I; Considine, J; Fry, M; Lyons, J; Middleton, S; Mitchell, R; Shaban, RZ; Unsworth, A; Buckley, T
2023-06-20The Emergency nurse Protocols Initiating Care-Sydney Triage to Admission Risk Tool (EPIC-START) trial: protocol for a stepped wedge implementation trial.Curtis, K; Dinh, MM; Shetty, A; Kourouche, S; Fry, M; Considine, J; Li, L; Lung, T; Shaw, T; Lam, MK; Murphy, M; Alkhouri, H; Aggar, C; Russell, SB; Seimon, RV; Hughes, JA; Varndell, W; Shaban, RZ