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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-015G New Radio Unlicensed: Challenges and EvaluationHirzallah, M; Krunz, M; Kecicioglu, B; Hamzeh, B
2018-10-08Adaptive Demodulation for Wireless Systems in the Presence of Frequency-Offset Estimation ErrorsRahbari, H; Siyari, P; Krunz, M; Jerry Park, JM
2018-07-01Adaptive frequency-hopping schemes for CR-based multi-link satellite networksAykin, I; Krunz, M; Xiao, Y
2021-12-06Adaptive Time-Frequency Synthesis for Waveform Discernment in Wireless CommunicationsChan, S; Krunz, M; Griffin, B
2021-09-28AI-based Robust Convex Relaxations for Supporting Diverse QoS in Next-Generation Wireless SystemsChan, S; Krunz, M; Griffin, B
2021-06-01Beamwidth Optimization for 5G NR Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks: A Multi-armed Bandit ApproachFeng, M; Akgun, B; Aykin, I; Krunz, M
2013-07-01Clustering and power management for virtual MIMO communications in wireless sensor networksKrunz, M; Siam, MZ; Nguyen, DN
2020-03-01Cognitive Networks with In-Band Full-Duplex Radios: Jamming Attacks and CountermeasuresHanawal, MK; Nguyen, DN; Krunz, M
2011-09-20A cooperative clustering protocol for energy constrained networksNguyen, DN; Krunz, M
2014-01-01A cooperative MIMO framework for wireless sensor networksNguyen, DN; Krunz, M
2013-08-20Cooperative MIMO in wireless networks: Recent developments and challengesNguyen, DN; Krunz, M
2021-12-13CW<sub>min</sub> Estimation and Collision Identification in Wi-Fi SystemsYazdani-Abyaneh, A-H; Krunz, M
2020-03-30Deep Learning Based Identification of Wireless Protocols in the PHY layerBerian, A; Aykin, I; Krunz, M; Bose, T
2015-03-01Distributed Bargaining Mechanisms for MIMO Dynamic Spectrum Access SystemsNguyen, DN; Krunz, M; Hanly, SV
2013-01-01Distributed Bargaining Mechanisms for Multi-antenna Dynamic Spectrum Access SystemsNguyen, DN; Krunz, M
2018-11-01Distributed optimization for energy-efficient fog computing in the tactile internetXiao, Y; Krunz, M
2019-02-01Distributed Power Control in Single-Stream MIMO Wiretap Interference Networks With Full-Duplex Jamming ReceiversSiyari, P; Krunz, M; Nguyen, DN
2018-10-01Distributed Resource Allocation for Network Slicing Over Licensed and Unlicensed BandsXiao, Y; Hirzallah, M; Krunz, M
2017-05-01Distributed spectrum management in TV white space networksElias, J; Martignon, F; Chen, L; Krunz, M
2019-06-01Driving in the Fog: Latency Measurement, Modeling, and Optimization of LTE-based Fog Computing for Smart VehiclesXiao, Y; Krunz, M; Volos, H; Bando, T