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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-01Analysis of Average Packet Loss Rate in Multi-Hop Broadcast for VANETsLai, W; Ni, W; Wang, H; Liu, RP
2007-12-01Applying graph layout techniques to web information visualization and navigationLai, W; Huang, X; Nguyen, QV; Huang, ML
2002Automatic Flowchart Layout for Program VisualizationLai, W; Huang, ML; Shioya K
2007-03-19Creating visual browsers for large-scale online auctionsHuang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Lai, W
2018-02-08Decentralized relaying and performance analysis in vehicular ad hoc networksLai, W; Ni, W; Wang, H; Liu, RP
2015-09-18Detecting criminal relationships through SOM visual analyticsWang, WB; Huang, ML; Zhang, J; Lai, W
2002-01Fitting Web Graph in A Display Area With No Overlaps for Web NavigationLai, W; Huang, M; Tanaka, J; Arabnia, HR; Mun, Y
2003-01Flowchart Components for Program VisualisationLai, W; Eades, PD; Huang, M; Zhang, K
2004-01Generating and Adjusting web sub-graphic displays for web navigationLai, W; Huang, M; Zhang, K; Mohammadian, M
2007-12-01A kernel-based algorithm for multilevel drawing Web graphsHuang, X; Lai, W; Zhang, D; Huang, M; Nguyen, QV
2003-02-01On-line visualization and navigation of the global web structureHuang, ML; Eades, P; Lai, W
2011-01-01SWING: A system for visualizing web graphsLai, W; Huang, X; Huang, ML
2007-12-01Three-dimensional EncCon treeHuang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Lai, W; Huang, X
2016-01-01What next in designing personalized visualization of web informationSaleheen, S; Lai, W; Huang, X; Huang, W; Huang, ML