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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01Design of a Wearable Robotic Glove for RehabilitationChotisathiantham, P; Lai, Y; Paul, G
2020-08-27Fitts’ law in the presence of interface inertiaSutjipto, S; Lai, Y; Carmichael, M; Paul, G
2018-07-02GAVRe<sup>2</sup>: Towards Data-Driven Upper-Limb Rehabilitation with Adaptive-Feedback GamificationLai, Y; Sutjipto, S; Clout, MD; Carmichael, MG; Paul, G
2019-01-01Heuristic Detection of Recovery Progress Using Robotic DataLai, Y; Sutjipto, S; Carmichael, M; Paul, G
2010-12-01How far is SLAM from a linear least squares problem?Huang, S; Lai, Y; Frese, U; Dissanayake, G
2020-12-13Hybrid Multi-Robot System for Drilling and Blasting AutomationNguyen, DDK; Lai, Y; Sutjipto, S; Paul, G
2020-12-14Intuitive Virtual Reality based Control of a Real-world Mobile ManipulatorLe, DT; Sutjipto, S; Lai, Y; Paul, G
2009-01Media's influences on purchasing of real estate - case of Guangzhou, ChinaGe, J; Lai, Y; Graeme Newell
2021-12-09Preliminary Validation of Upper Limb Musculoskeletal Model using Static OptimizationLai, Y; Sutjipto, S; Carmichael, MG; Paul, G
2018-12-04Probabilistic Pose Estimation of Deformable Linear ObjectsLai, Y; Poon, J; Paul, G; Han, H; Matsubara, T
2021-12-09Real-time Estimation of the Strength Capacity of the Upper Limb for Physical Human-Robot CollaborationAldini, S; Lai, Y; Carmichael, MG; Paul, G; Liu, D
2018-07-25Triclinic Off-Stoichiometric Na<inf>3.12</inf>Mn<inf>2.44</inf>(P<inf>2</inf>O<inf>7</inf>)<inf>2</inf>/C Cathode Materials for High-Energy/Power Sodium-Ion BatteriesLi, H; Zhang, Z; Xu, M; Bao, W; Lai, Y; Zhang, K; Li, J
-User intent estimation during robot learning using physical human robot interaction primitivesLai, Y; Paul, G; Cui, Y; Matsubara, T