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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Architectures of collaboration, webs of contentionLally, E; Cameron, F; Kelly, L
Jan-2013The Artist as Trickster: Pertinent-Impertinent Thinking in Western SydneyLally, E; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
Jan-2011The artists and their projectsLally, E; mar, P; Ang, I; Anderson, K; Kelly, M; Lally, E; Ang, I; Anderson, K
Jan-2005At home with information: the informatization of domestic lifeLally, E; Consalvo, M; Allen, M
12-Mar-2015An autoethnography of strings: an experiment in materialising learningLally, E; Watkins, M; Noble, G; Driscoll, C
7-May-2010Creative at Work, Impossible Dream!Lally, E
Jan-2013Creative interactions and improvable digital objects in cloud-based musical collaborationLally, E
Jan-2007Creativity, collaboration and new media innovation in a community contextLally, E; Nightingale, V; Dwyer, T
Jan-2006Cultural planning and chaos theory in cyberspace: some notes on a digital cultural atlas project for Western SydneyHodge, B; Lally, E
Jan-2011Expanding the horizons of possibility: the art of brokerageMcQueenie, J; Lally, E; Lally, E; Ang, I; Anderson, K
Jan-2009Impossible choices: complexity and dissatisfaction in the telecommunications consumer-service provider relationshipLally, E; Rowe, D; Papandrea, F; Armstrong, M
9-Dec-2011The Insider's Guide to Getting PublishedGrahame, E; Grafton, D; Allatson, P; Chelliah, J; Jay, B; Lally, E; Chelliah, J; Linacre, S
Jan-2011Introduction: What is the art of engagement?Ang, I; Lally, E; Anderson, K; mar, P; Kelly, M; Lally, E; Ang, I; Anderson, K
Jan-2006Networking culture: a strategic approach to cultural development in Western SydneyLally, E; Lee-Shoy, T; Anderson, K
Jan-2009'The power to heal us with a smile and a song': Senior well-being, music-based participatory arts and the value of qualitative evidenceLally, E
Jan-2011Practising innovation: the power of the artistLally, E; Lally, E; Ang, I; Anderson, K
1-Jan-2001A researcher's perspective on electronic scholarly communicationLally, E
Jan-2009Response to Annette Markham - How Can Qualitative Researchers Produce Work That Is Meaningful Across Time, Space and CultureMarkham, AN; Lally, E; Srinivasan, R; Markham, AK; Baym, NK
Jan-2012Women in Theatre: a research report and action plan for the Australia Council for the ArtsLally, E