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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-01Application of the Social Network Analysis to Better Comprehend Relationships in Qualitative Health DataLam, LT; Lam, MK; Benrimoj, CS; Cardens, VG
2017-12-01The association between financial literacy and Problematic Internet Shopping in a multinational sampleLam, LT; Lam, MK
2014-06-20The association between internet addiction and psychiatric co-morbidity: A meta-analysisHo, RC; Zhang, MWB; Tsang, TY; Toh, AH; Pan, F; Lu, Y; Cheng, C; Yip, PS; Lam, LT; Lai, CM; Watanabe, H; Mak, KK
2019-06-01Attachment problems in childhood and the development of anxiety in adolescents: A systematic review of longitudinal and prospective studiesLam, LT; Rai, A; Lam, MK
2019-01-01Basic psychological needs satisfaction and frustration, stress, and sports injury among university athletes: A four-wave prospective surveyLi, C; Ivarsson, A; Lam, LT; Sun, J
2023Child and adolescent mental well-being intervention programme: A systematic review of randomised controlled trials.Lam, LT; Lam, MK
2015-01-01Competency of health information acquisition and intention for active health behaviour in childrenLam, LT; Lam, MKP
2013-06-01Correlations between polysomnographic and lateral airway radiograph measurements in paediatric obstructive sleep apnoeaWaters, K; Kol-Castro, C; Varghese, A; Lam, LT; Prelog, K; Cheng, A
2023Editorial: Psychological status of medical workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: Mental health emergence, prevalence and interventions.Lam, LT; Reddy, P
2021-07-09Editorial: Violence and the Young: A Public Health Problem - Etiology, Epidemiology, Intervention, and PreventionLam, LT; Han, DH; Zhang, W; Tang, L
2022Efficacy of a Workplace Intervention Program With Web-Based Online and Offline Modalities for Improving Workers' Mental Health.Lam, LT; Lam, MK; Reddy, P; Wong, P
2016-12-01eHealth Intervention for Problematic Internet Use (PIU)Lam, LT; Lam, MK
2017-12-01Enhancing social-emotional well-being in young children through improving teachers’ social-emotional competence and curriculum design in Hong KongLam, LT; Wong, EMY
2011-12-01Factors associated with social interaction anxiety among Chinese adolescentsPeng, ZW; Lam, LT; Jin, G
2022-01-24Factors Associated with Work-Related Burnout among Corporate Employees Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic.Lam, LT; Lam, MK; Reddy, P; Wong, P
2019Graded Exercise Testing Predicts Recovery Trajectory of Concussion in Children and Adolescents.Orr, R; Bogg, T; Fyffe, A; Lam, LT; Browne, GJ
2012-10-26Health information-seeking behaviour on the Internet and health literacy among older AustraliansLam, MK; Lam, LT
2017-05-01Identifying factors that predict worse constipation symptoms in palliative care patients: A secondary analysisClark, K; Lam, LT; Talley, NJ; Phillips, JL; Currow, DC
2014-01-01Internet gaming addiction, problematic use of the Internet, and sleep problems: A systematic reviewLam, LT
2014-01-01Is low health literacy associated with overweight and obesity in adolescents: An epidemiology study in a 12-16 years old population, Nanning, China, 2012Lam, LT; Yang, L