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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-01Bioenergy recovery potential through the treatment of the meat processing industry waste in AustraliaMofijur, M; Fattah, IMR; Kumar, PS; Siddiki, SYA; Rahman, SMA; Ahmed, SF; Ong, HC; Lam, SS; Badruddin, IA; Khan, TMY; Mahlia, TMI
2020-12-31Catalytic level identification of ZSM-5 on biomass pyrolysis and aromatic hydrocarbon formation.Chen, W-H; Cheng, C-L; Lee, K-T; Lam, SS; Ong, HC; Ok, YS; Saeidi, S; Sharma, AK; Hsieh, T-H
2022-01-01Generating alternative fuel and bioplastics from medical plastic waste and waste frying oil using microwave co-pyrolysis combined with microbial fermentationWan Mahari, WA; Kee, SH; Foong, SY; Amelia, TSM; Bhubalan, K; Man, M; Yang, YF; Ong, HC; Vithanage, M; Lam, SS; Sonne, C
2020-09-15Microwave pyrolysis for valorisation of horse manure biowasteMong, GR; Chong, CT; Ng, JH; Chong, WWF; Lam, SS; Ong, HC; Ani, FN
2022-10-15Microwave-assisted pyrolysis technology for bioenergy recovery: Mechanism, performance, and prospectSu, G; Ong, HC; Cheah, MY; Chen, WH; Lam, SS; Huang, Y
2021-11-01Progress in the torrefaction technology for upgrading oil palm wastes to energy-dense biochar: A reviewYek, PNY; Cheng, YW; Liew, RK; Wan Mahari, WA; Ong, HC; Chen, WH; Peng, W; Park, YK; Sonne, C; Kong, SH; Tabatabaei, M; Aghbashlo, M; Lam, SS
2021-01Prospect of biobased antiviral face mask to limit the coronavirus outbreak.Chowdhury, MA; Shuvho, MBA; Shahid, MA; Haque, AKMM; Kashem, MA; Lam, SS; Ong, HC; Uddin, MA; Mofijur, M
2022-01-01Recent advancement in deoxygenation of fatty acids via homogeneous catalysis for biofuel productionTabandeh, M; Cheng, CK; Centi, G; Show, PL; Chen, WH; Ling, TC; Ong, HC; Ng, EP; Juan, JC; Lam, SS
2022-09Removal of persistent acetophenone from industrial waste-water via bismuth ferrite nanostructures.Irfan, S; Khan, SB; Lam, SS; Ong, HC; Aizaz Ud Din, M; Dong, F; Chen, D
2022-10-30Sustainable hydrogen production: Technological advancements and economic analysisAhmed, SF; Mofijur, M; Nuzhat, S; Rafa, N; Musharrat, A; Lam, SS; Boretti, A
2021-06-01Theoretical calculation of biogas production and greenhouse gas emission reduction potential of livestock, poultry and slaughterhouse waste in BangladeshSiddiki, SYA; Uddin, MN; Mofijur, M; Fattah, IMR; Ong, HC; Lam, SS; Kumar, PS; Ahmed, SF
2021-02-13Vertical flow constructed wetlands using expanded clay and biochar for wastewater remediation: A comparative study and prediction of effluents using machine learningNguyen, XC; Ly, QV; Peng, W; Nguyen, V-H; Nguyen, DD; Tran, QB; Huyen Nguyen, TT; Sonne, C; Lam, SS; Ngo, HH; Goethals, P; Le, QV