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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-08-01Discovery of cyanophage genomes which contain mitochondrial DNA polymeraseChan, YW; Mohr, R; Millard, AD; Holmes, AB; Larkum, AW; Whitworth, AL; Mann, NH; Scanlan, DJ; Hess, WR; Clokie, MRJ
2019-03-01Early Archean origin of Photosystem IICardona, T; Sánchez-Baracaldo, P; Rutherford, AW; Larkum, AW
2018-02-01In situ metabolomic- and transcriptomic-profiling of the host-associated cyanobacteria Prochloron and Acaryochloris marinaBehrendt, L; Raina, JB; Lutz, A; Kot, W; Albertsen, M; Halkjær-Nielsen, P; Sørensen, SJ; Larkum, AW; Kühl, M
2016-03-22Photosynthesis and Light Harvesting in AlgaeLarkum, AW
2017-02-01Proposed mechanisms for water oxidation by Photosystem II and nanosized manganese oxidesNajafpour, MM; Heidari, S; Balaghi, SE; Hołyńska, M; Sadr, MH; Soltani, B; Khatamian, M; Larkum, AW; Allakhverdiev, SI
2021-06-01Time-resolved comparative molecular evolution of oxygenic photosynthesisOliver, T; Sánchez-Baracaldo, P; Larkum, AW; Rutherford, AW; Cardona, T
2004Uptake kinetics and assimilation of phosphorus by Catenella nipae and Ulva lactuca can be used to indicate ambient phosphate availabilityLarkum, AW; Ritchie, RJ; Runcie, J
2020-05-01Water-oxidizing complex in Photosystem II: Its structure and relation to manganese-oxide based catalystsNajafpour, MM; Zaharieva, I; Zand, Z; Maedeh Hosseini, S; Kouzmanova, M; Hołyńska, M; Tranca, I; Larkum, AW; Shen, JR; Allakhverdiev, SI