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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Assessment of corneal curvature using verion optical imaging system: a comparative study.Lauschke, JL; Lawless, M; Sutton, G; Roberts, TV; Hodge, C
2018-04-01Comparison of Hill-radial basis function, Barrett Universal and current third generation formulas for the calculation of intraocular lens power during cataract surgeryRoberts, TV; Hodge, C; Sutton, G; Lawless, M
2020-12Donation of discarded ocular tissue in patients undergoing SMILE laser refractive surgery: developing appropriate guidelines.Ghabcha, M; Sutton, G; Petsoglou, C; Treloggen, J; Lawless, M; Chan, C; Hodge, C
2015-01-01Intraocular lens power calculation following laser refractive surgeryHodge, C; McAlinden, C; Lawless, M; Chan, C; Sutton, G; Martin, A
2022-04-01Prevalence of tear film hyperosmolarity in 1150 patients presenting for refractive surgery assessment.Xuan, R; Lawless, M; Sutton, G; Hodge, C
2020-01Re-treatment in LASIK: To Flap Lift or Perform Surface Ablation.Chan, C; Lawless, M; Sutton, G; Hodge, C
2017-12-01Reviewing the visual benefits of femtosecond laser-Assisted cataract surgery: Can we improve our outcomes?Lawless, M; Levitz, L; Hodge, C
2016-05Small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) in 2015.Chan, C; Lawless, M; Sutton, G; Versace, P; Hodge, C
2020-08Total keratometry in intraocular lens power calculations in eyes with previous laser refractive surgery.Lawless, M; Jiang, JY; Hodge, C; Sutton, G; Roberts, TV; Barrett, G
2020-09Understanding chord mu through a large population-based study.Jiang, JY; Hodge, C; Lawless, M
2016-10-17Update and clinical utility of the LenSx femtosecond laser in cataract surgeryRoberts, TV; Lawless, M; Sutton, G; Hodge, C
2022Visual and Refractive Efficacy of Panoptix Toric Intraocular Lens in a Clinical Setting.Ackerman, M; Lawless, M; Levitz, L; Bhatt, U; Reich, JA; Sutton, G; Roberts, TV; Tenen, A; Kaur, A; Hodge, C